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FamilyScientific Name Common NameHabitatDistributionImage
AsteraceaeBrickellia cordifoliaFlyr's Brickellia, Flyr's False-bonesetMesic pine-hardwood or oak-hickory woods of upland hammocks.Sw. GA (Jones & Coile 1988; Carter, Baker, & Morris 2009) and AL south to Panhandle FL and n. peninsular FL.image of plant
AsteraceaeBrickellia cylindraceaGravel-bar Brickell-bushCalcareous woodlands and prairies.Central TX, mainly Edwards Plateau.image of plant
AsteraceaeBrickellia dentataLeafy Brickellia, Gravelbar Brickellbush"Essentially restricted to frequently-scoured gravelly alluvial beds in creek and river bottoms" (Carr 2016).Endemic to TX, mainly Edwards Plateau, but also apparently in e. TX.
AsteraceaeBrickellia eupatorioidesEastern KuhniaDry slopes, longleaf pine sandhills (especially in loamy sites), shale barrens, dry woodlands, thickets.NJ west to IN, s. AR, se. OK, south to ec. peninsular FL and se. TX.image of plant
AsteraceaeBrickellia grandifloraTassel-flower BrickelliaGlades, ledges, and rocky woodlands over calcareous rocks.W. NE, MT, AB, and BC south to w. TX, NM, AZ, CA, and Mexico (BCN, CHH, COA, JAL, NLE, SON, TAM); disjunct in MO, n. AR, and c. OK.image of plant
AsteraceaeBrickellia leptophyllaEdwards Plateau KuhniaLimestone slopes, streambeds, calcareous prairies; "usually occurring in moist to dry gravelly alluvial soils along riverbanks but also on limestone slopes" (Carr 2016).Ec. TX (Edwards Plateau and adjacent Blackland Prairie regions), w. OK, CO, e. UT south to n. Mexico and NM.
AsteraceaeBrickellia macranthraTexas Kuhnia, Texas BrickelliaCalcareous woodlands.Ne. and sc. OK south to sc. TX.
AsteraceaeBrickellia mosieriMosier’s Kuhnia, Florida Kuhnia, Rockland KuhniaPine rocklands.Endemic to s. FL pine rocklands (Miami-Dade County).image of plant
AsteraceaeBrickellia ozarkanaOzark Kuhnia, Ozark BrickelliaDry slopes, woodlands, and glades.Nc. MO south to sw. AR and e. OK (largely endemic to the Interior Highlands).image of plant
AsteraceaeBrickellia suaveolensPlains Kuhnia, Midwestern BrickelliaDry slopes and woodlands, prairies.MI west to MT, south to s. IN, s. IL, sw. MO, c. and w. OK, and wc. TX.image of plant

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