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FamilyScientific Name Common NameHabitatDistributionImage
OrobanchaceaeBuchnera americanaPrairie Bluehearts, American Bluehearts, Plains BlueheartsDry (seasonally moist) rocky, gravelly, or clayey soil of limestone glades, glades over mafic rock (such as diabase, gabbro, etc.), sand prairies, wet meadows, sandy roadsides.From w. NY (historical) and s. ON west to MI, IL, MO, and s. KS, south to c. NC, GA, Panhandle FL, TX, and n. Mexico.image of plant
OrobanchaceaeBuchnera floridanaSavanna Bluehearts, Florida BlueheartsPine savannas, pine flatwoods, seepage bogs, calcareous prairies (Black Best of MS and AL), sandy roadsides.Se. NC south to s. FL, west to TX; West Indies; scattered localities in s. Mexico and Central America.image of plant

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