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FamilyScientific Name Common NameHabitatDistributionImage
ScrophulariaceaeBuddleja davidiiSummer-lilac, Orange-eye Butterfly-bushSpreading from horticultural use to disturbed places, thickets, and streambanks.Native of China.image of plant
ScrophulariaceaeBuddleja lindleyanaLindley's Butterfly-bushRarely escaped to disturbed areas.Native of China.image of plant
ScrophulariaceaeBuddleja alternifoliaFountain Butterfly-bushWaif from horticultural use.Native of nc. China.image of plant
ScrophulariaceaeBuddleja sessilifloraRio Grande Butterfly-bush, TepozánSandbars, banks, palm groves, thornscrub.S. TX and s. AZ south to Mexico.
ScrophulariaceaeBuddleja indicaOakleaf Butterfly-bushDisturbed areas.Native of Indian Ocean islands east of Africa.
ScrophulariaceaeBuddleja madagascariensisMadagascar Butterfly-bush, Smoke-bushDisturbed areas.Native of Africa.
ScrophulariaceaeBuddleja racemosa var. racemosaCalcareous ledges and banks.Nearly endemic to the Edwards Plateau, TX.
ScrophulariaceaeBuddleja racemosa var. incanaCalcareous ledges and bluffs.Essentially endemic to the Edwards Plateau, TX.

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