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FamilyScientific Name Common NameHabitatDistributionImage
LamiaceaeCallicarpa americanaBeautyberry, American Beautyberry, French-mulberry, FiligranaHammocks, other forests (especially with sandy or rocky soils), maritime forests (the main habitat northward), pine flatwoods, disturbed areas.MD and AR south to s. FL, TX; West Indies. Reported as native for Lyon County, KY (Brock 2020).image of plant
LamiaceaeCallicarpa dichotomaChinese BeautyberryRoadsides, powerline rights-of-way, woodland edges, suburban woodlands, bogs, bottomlands.Native of Asia. This species is beginning to spread more rapidly in the Southeast.image of plant
LamiaceaeCallicarpa japonicaJapanese BeautyberrySuburban woodlands.Native of e. Asia. Reported for Durham County, NC by Moldenke (1980); corroborated by specimens from Orange County, NC (Giencke, pers. comm., 2005). See Atha et al. (2019b) for a report from n. NJ.image of plant

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