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FamilyScientific Name Common NameHabitatDistributionImage
PlantaginaceaeCallitriche hermaphroditicaAutumn Water-starwortLakes, ponds, ditches.Greenland, NL, and AK south to CT, NY, IL, KS, NM, AZ, and CA; Eurasia.image of plant
PlantaginaceaeCallitriche heterophylla var. heterophyllaCommon Water-starwortPools, slow-moving streams, ditches.Greenland west to AK, south to c. peninsular FL, TX, CA, and Mexico.image of plant
PlantaginaceaeCallitriche palustrisSwamp Water-starwortPonds, lakes, stagnant streams, wet soil.Circumboreal, in North America south to VA, WV, IL, TX, and CA; South America.image of plant
PlantaginaceaeCallitriche pedunculosaNuttall's Water-starwortLow fields, pond shores.NC, c. TN, and OK south to c. peninsular FL, AL, and TX.image of plant
PlantaginaceaeCallitriche peploidesLow fields, ditches.SC south to s. FL, west to TX; disjunct inland in AR (the report for Polk Co., TN erroneous); e. Mexico south to Costa Rica.image of plant
PlantaginaceaeCallitriche stagnalisPond Water-starwortPonds, stagnant water, wet soil.Native of Europe, or possibly also native in some areas. See Philbrick, Aakjar, & Stuckey (1998) for additional discussion of the spread of this species in North America.image of plant
PlantaginaceaeCallitriche terrestrisTerrestrial Water-starwortClay-pan areas, streambanks, ditches, low fields, wet paths.MA to KS, south to GA, TX, and Mexico.image of plant

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