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FamilyScientific Name Common NameHabitatDistributionImage
SapindaceaeCardiospermum corindum var. corindumBalloon Vine, Heartseed, Faux PersilRockland hammocks (FL), brushlands and tropical woodlands (TX), disturbed upland areas.S. FL (Miami-Dade and Monroe counties); West Indies; s. TX and s. AZ south through Mexico and Central America to South America; tropical Africa and Asia.image of plant
SapindaceaeCardiospermum halicacabumBalloon Vine, Heartseed, Love-in-a-puffThickets, riverbanks, cultivated or abandoned fields, other disturbed areas.Probably native in at least the southwestern part of our area, south through tropical America. Its native distribution is obscured by later cultivation and spread. André Michaux collected in the region of Illinois in the 1790s, an earlier period to assume that it was non-native.image of plant
SapindaceaeCardiospermum microcarpumHeartseedDisturbed upland areas, rockland and other hammocks, pine flatwoods, disturbed upland areas.N. FL peninsula (Marion County) south to s. FL; West Indies; Mexico through Central America to n. South America.