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FamilyScientific Name Common NameHabitatDistributionImage
OrobanchaceaeCastilleja citrinaYellow Paintbrush, Citron PaintbrushCalcareous prairies, post oak woodlands, other rocky or sandy soils.KS south through OK to wc. TX.
OrobanchaceaeCastilleja coccineaEastern PaintbrushWoodlands, fens, barrens, rock outcrops, prairies, hay meadows, wet pastures, grassy openings, usually over mafic rocks.ME, NY, and MN south to SC, n. GA, n. AL, c. MS, w. LA, and OK.image of plant
OrobanchaceaeCastilleja halophilaSalt Prairie Paintbrush, Texas Seaside PaintbrushHypersaline and shell barrens on coastal barrier islands, parasitic on Iva.Endemic to coastal TX (Aransas, Nueces, and San Patricio counties).
OrobanchaceaeCastilleja indivisaTexas PaintbrushPrairies, sandy or silty woodlands, eastwards adventive in dry, disturbed areas, such as roadsides.AR and OK south to w. LA and TX and Mexico (AGU and CHH).image of plant
OrobanchaceaeCastilleja kralianaCahaba PaintbrushDolomitic Ketona glades.Endemic to dolomitic Ketona glades in Bibb County, c. AL (Allison & Stevens 2001).image of plant
OrobanchaceaeCastilleja lindheimeriLindheimer's PaintbrushRocky outcrops, grasslands, or woodlands, over limestone or granite.Nc. TX south to sc. and se. TX.
OrobanchaceaeCastilleja purpureaPrairie Paintbrush, Purple PaintbrushPrairies, limestone outcrops.Sc. MO and se. KS south through OK to c. and e. TX.
OrobanchaceaeCastilleja sessilifloraDowny Painted-cup, Great Plains PaintbrushPrairies.S. WI, MN, MB, SK, and AB south to n. IL, nw. MO, e. OK, e. TX, and n. Mexico.

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