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FamilyScientific Name Common NameHabitatDistributionImage
BignoniaceaeCatalpa bignonioidesSouthern CatalpaBottomlands and streambanks (as a native), escaped or persistent after cultivation.S. SC, s. GA, ne. FL, n. peninsular FL, and Panhandle FL west to s. MS (or LA?), on the Coastal Plain, early naturalized in a more widespread area, and now extending north to CT and MI.image of plant
BignoniaceaeCatalpa ovataChinese CatalpaSuburban woodlands.Native of China. Introduced in WV, MD, DC, PA, and other northeastern states (Manning 2000; Kartesz 1999), and showing signs of becoming invasive.image of plant
BignoniaceaeCatalpa speciosaNorthern CatalpaBottomland forests, stream banks, and mesic upland forests (as a native), also old fields, roadsides, moist disturbed areas, suburban woodlands, eastwards of its native range escaped or persistent after cultivation, and sometimes thoroughly naturalized.Apparently native in the upper Mississippi River Embayment of s. IN and s. IL, south to w. TN and e. AR; early naturalized in a more widespread area.image of plant

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