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FamilyScientific Name Common NameHabitatDistributionImage
VitaceaeCausonis japonicaBushkiller, Sorrel VineDisturbed areas, suburban woodlands.Native of temperate and subtropical se. Asia. Reported for NC from several suburban areas, as in Forsyth County (Krings & Richardson 2006) and Mecklenburg, Davidson, and Franklin counties (Soule et al. 2008). Reported as naturalized in AL (Hansen & Goertzen 2006), MS, LA, and TX. Reports of Nekemias megalophylla (Diels & Gilg) J. Wen & Z.L. Nie as naturalized in MS are misidentifications based on Causonis japonica (S.W. Leonard, pers. comm., 2006).image of plant
VitaceaeCausonis trifoliaDisturbed areas, disturbed mesic and hydric hammocks.Native of tropical and subtropical Asia. Potentially a serious invasive in FL.image of plant

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