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FamilyScientific Name Common NameHabitatDistributionImage
PoaceaeCenchrus browniiSlim-bristled SandspurDisturbed areas, maritime grasslands.S. FL (where apparently native), elsewhere in the se. United States (NC, GA, AL, where presumably introduced); West Indies; Central America, n. South America. The sole known NC specimen was collected in 1885 by Gerald McCarthy in NC "in locis navalibus et vastis".image of plant
PoaceaeCenchrus echinatusSouthern Sandspur, Bristly Sandspur, Hedgehog Grass, CadilloFields, roadsides, disturbed areas.NC (and DC?) south to FL, west to CA, south into the tropical America. The basis for the record for w. VA in FNA is not clear.image of plant
PoaceaeCenchrus gracillimusSandhill SandspurLongleaf pinelands, other sandy habitats.N. FL, s. and e. GA, s. AL; West Indies (Cuba, Jamaica).image of plant
PoaceaeCenchrus longispinusNorthern Sandspur, Common SandspurFields, roadsides, disturbed areas, lawns.ME west to OR, south to FL, TX, and CA.image of plant
PoaceaeCenchrus myosuroidesBig SandspurShell middens, maritime hammocks, coastal berms, roadsides, disturbed areas.SC south to FL, west to TX; West Indies; Mexico to South America.image of plant
PoaceaeCenchrus spinifexCoastal Sandspur, GrassburFields, roadsides, disturbed areas.VA south to FL, west to AR and KS; West Indies; Mexico to South America.image of plant
PoaceaeCenchrus tribuloidesDune SandspurDunes, sandy fields, sandy woodlands in the outer Coastal Plain.NY (Long Island) south to FL, west to TX, south into tropical America.image of plant
PoaceaeCenchrus biflorusIndian SandburDisturbed areas, ballast, presumably only a waif.Native of Africa and s. Asia. Reported from ballast in Mobile, AL.
PoaceaeCenchrus purpurascensChinese Fountaingrass, Foxtail FountaingrassDisturbed areas, roadsides, floodplains, old fields.Native of e. Asia. This species seems to be developing into an invasive species, with increasing reports of its spread into natural areas, as opposed to merely occurring as a waif following cultivation. Reported for DE and MD, where frequently encountered on roadsides (Longbottom, Naczi, & Knapp 2016).image of plant
PoaceaeCenchrus ciliarisBuffelgrassDisturbed areas.Native of Africa.
PoaceaeCenchrus americanusPearl MilletFallow fields, other disturbed areas.Native of the Old World (Africa and tropical Asia).image of plant
PoaceaeCenchrus purpureusElephant Grass, Napier GrassSwamps, wet grasslands, disturbed areas.Native of Africa. Naturalized in FL north to the FL-GA border, and in AL (Diamond & Woods 2009).image of plant
PoaceaeCenchrus setaceusTender FountaingrassDisturbed areas.Native of e. Mediterranean Europe. Reported as an introduction in FL, TN, and KY (Wipff in FNA 2003a). Well established in Florida, spreading widely from landscape plantings initially, but then moving at distance.image of plant
PoaceaeCenchrus setigerDisturbed areas.Native of Africa. Known in our area from ne. FL, ec. MS, and se. and s. TX.
PoaceaeCenchrus longisetusFeathertopCultivated as an ornamental, and sometimes escaped.Native of W. Asia and ne. Africa. Reported as an introduction in GA (Kartesz 1999), apparently erroneously.
PoaceaeCenchrus pedicellatusKyasuma Grass, Hairy Fountain GrassCitrus groves, other disturbed areas.Native of tropical Africa and s. Asia.
PoaceaeCenchrus orientalisLaurisa Grass, White Fountain GrassDisturbed areas.Native of s. Asia west to w. Asia and n. Africa.
PoaceaeCenchrus polystachios ssp. setosusMission GrassPine flatwoods, moist disturbed pastures, and roadsides.Native of tropical Africa.
PoaceaeCenchrus flaccidusHimalayan FountaingrassDisturbed areas.Native of c. Asia.image of plant
PoaceaeCenchrus latifoliusUruguayan FountaingrassSpreading from horticultural use.Native of South America.
PoaceaeCenchrus nervosusDisturbed areas.Native of South America.

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