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FamilyScientific Name Common NameHabitatDistributionImage
ApiaceaeCicuta bulbiferaBulb-bearing Water-hemlockMarshes, bogs, swamps, lake and stream margins.NL (Newfoundland) west to AK, south to MD, n. VA (?), OH, KY, IN, IL, IA, NE, MT, ID, and OR; disjunct (perhaps introduced only) in NC and FL.image of plant
ApiaceaeCicuta maculata var. maculataWater-hemlockMarshes, bogs, seepages, fens, ditches, swamp forests.NS west to AK, south to FL, CA; Mexico.image of plant
ApiaceaeCicuta mexicanaSouthern Water-hemlockMarshes, bogs, seepages, ditches, swamp forests, floating vegetation mats.Se. VA (Godfrey & Wooten 1981), south to FL, and west to TX, south into Mexico (more inland records in our area and westward are of uncertain disposition).image of plant
ApiaceaeCicuta occidentalisWestern Water-hemlock

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