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FamilyScientific Name Common NameHabitatDistributionImage
AsteraceaeCirsium altissimumTall ThistlePastures, woodlands, thickets.MA west to ND, south to Panhandle FL (Jackson County) and e. TX.image of plant
AsteraceaeCirsium arvenseCanada Thistle, Field ThistlePastures, disturbed areas.Native of Europe.image of plant
AsteraceaeCirsium carolinianumCarolina Thistle, Spring Thistle, Prairie ThistlePrairies and open woodlands, primarily over mafic, ultramafic, or calcareous rocks.N. VA west to s. OH and MO, south to w. SC, n. GA, AL, and TX. In the eastern part of the Southeast, C. carolinianum seems to be restricted to prairies and woodlands (or maintained powerline or road rights-of-way) over circumneutral rocks and soils, in situations which were oak savannas or even prairies prior to fire suppression.image of plant
AsteraceaeCirsium discolorField ThistlePastures, woodlands, thickets.QC west to MB, south to NC, MS, LA, and KS.
AsteraceaeCirsium engelmanniiEngelmann's ThistlePrairies, oak savannas.Sw. AR and s. OK south to nw. LA and e. TX.image of plant
AsteraceaeCirsium hilliiHill's ThistleDry prairies, glades and barrens over calcareous substrates.ON, MI, WI, and MN south to wc. IN, c. IL, and ne. MO.image of plant
AsteraceaeCirsium horridulum var. horridulumCommon Yellow Thistle, Bull ThistleRoadsides, woodlands, pine savannas.ME south to FL, west to TX, mostly on the Coastal Plain and adjacent provinces; also Mexico and Bahamas.image of plant
AsteraceaeCirsium horridulum var. megacanthumBigspine ThistleMoist ground.AL and Panhandle FL west to TX and OK.
AsteraceaeCirsium horridulum var. vittatumSouthern Yellow Thistle, Pineland ThistleWet pine savannas.Se. NC south to s. peninsular FL and Panhandle FL, west to s. MS and e. LA; Bahamas; West Indies.image of plant
AsteraceaeCirsium leconteiLeConte's ThistleWet loamy pine savannas, seepage bogs.E. NC south to Panhandle FL, west to LA.image of plant
AsteraceaeCirsium muticumSwamp ThistleSwamps, wet thickets, woodlands, seepage slopes, wet prairies, meadows.NL (Newfoundland) west to SK, south to DE, NC, TN, and MO, and less commonly south to FL, AL (Diamond & Woods 2009), and TX.image of plant
AsteraceaeCirsium nuttalliiNuttall's Thistle, Coastal Tall ThistleLongleaf pine savannas, roadsides, pastures, wet hammocks, dry hammocks, prairies.Se. VA south to s. FL, west to LA and AR. Reported for the first time from NC by Krings, Westbrooks, & Lloyd (2002).image of plant
AsteraceaeCirsium ochrocentrumYellow-spine ThistleDry, gravelly or sandy soils of prairies, pastures, open disturbed areas.SD, WY, NV, and OR south to ec. TX, w. TX, NM, AZ, and n. Mexico (BCN, CHH, COA, DGO, SON, ZAC).
AsteraceaeCirsium palustreMarsh ThistleDamp forests and fields.Native of Eurasia.
AsteraceaeCirsium pumilumPasture ThistlePastures, thickets, and woodlands, perhaps especially over mafic rocks.S. ME west to w. NY, south to DE, and w. NC.image of plant
AsteraceaeCirsium repandumSandhill ThistleLongleaf pine sandhills, other dry sandy habitats.Se. VA south to e. GA, nearly endemic to the Carolinas. Similar in distribution to Vaccinium crassifolium, Carphephorus bellidifolius, and Baptisia cinerea, which are all locally abundant endemic indicators of Carolina pinelands.image of plant
AsteraceaeCirsium texanumTexas ThistleWoodlands, pine savannas, pastures, fields, roadsides.OK and NM south through TX to Mexico (CHH, COA, DGO, NLE, SLP, TAM).
AsteraceaeCirsium undulatumWavy-leaf ThistleDry prairies, pastures, disturbed areas.MB west to BC, south to sc. TX, NM, AZ, CA, and Mexico (CHH, COA, DGO, NLE, SON).image of plant
AsteraceaeCirsium virginianumVirginia ThistleMoist to fairly dry pine savannas, bogs.S. NJ south to ne. FL, on the Coastal Plain.image of plant
AsteraceaeCirsium vulgareBull ThistleMeadows, pastures, and disturbed areas.Native of Europe.image of plant

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