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FamilyScientific Name Common NameHabitatDistributionImage
OrchidaceaeCleistesiopsis bifariaAppalachian Dragonhead PogoniaMoist to fairly dry meadows, dry ridgetops under pines (where seasonally moist).WV south through w. VA, e. KY, w. NC, and e. and c. TN to w. SC, n. GA and n. AL.image of plant
OrchidaceaeCleistesiopsis divaricataLarge Dragonhead PogoniaPine savannas, Coastal Plain seepage bogs.S. NJ to sw. GA and ne. FL, in the Coastal Plain; reports from more inland (non Coastal Plain) areas are based on a taxonomic concept of C. divaricata including C. bifaria, and reports from the East Gulf Coastal Plain (west of ne. FL) are based on C. oricamporum.image of plant
OrchidaceaeCleistesiopsis oricamporumSmall Dragonhead PogoniaPine savannas, longleaf pine sandhill seepage bogs.Coastal Plain from se. VA to c. peninsular FL and west to e. LA (and e. TX?); possibly disjunct inland in the Eastern Highland Rim (Coffee County, TN).image of plant

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