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FamilyScientific Name Common NameHabitatDistributionImage
LamiaceaeClerodendrum bungeiRose Glorybower, Kashmir-bouquet, BrocameliaRoadsides and suburban woodlands, spread from horticultural use.Native of e. Asia. First reported from South Carolina by Hill & Horn (1997); also reported for our area by W. Duncan (pers. comm.).image of plant
LamiaceaeClerodendrum chinenseStickbushDisturbed areas.Native of Asia. Cultivated and naturalized in FL, including the Panhandle (Escambia County) (Wunderlin & Hansen 2004).
LamiaceaeClerodendrum indicumTubeflower, Turk's-turbanDisturbed areas, roadsides, spread from horticultural use.Native of the Malaysian Archipelago.image of plant
LamiaceaeClerodendrum trichotomum var. ferrugineumHarlequin Glory-bowerRoadsides, streambanks; cultivated and also strongly naturalized. This species is becoming a serious invasive in many parts of our region.Native of e. Asia.image of plant
LamiaceaeClerodendrum japonicumJapanese GlorybowerDisturbed areas.Native of Asia. Also cultivated and is reported to be naturalized in MD (Staff of the Bailey Hortorium 1976), but we know of no evidence.
LamiaceaeClerodendrum speciosissimumJavanese GlorybowerDisturbed areas, rockland hammocks.Native of Java.
LamiaceaeClerodendrum umbellatumUmbrella Glory-bower
LamiaceaeClerodendrum quadrilocularePhilippine Glorybower, Starburst Bush, Shooting StarDisturbed wetlands.Native of Asia.
LamiaceaeClerodendrum paniculatumPagoda-flowerDisturbed areas, persistent or spread from horticultural use.Native of tropical Asia.image of plant

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