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FamilyScientific Name Common NameHabitatDistributionImage
ClethraceaeClethra acuminataMountain Sweet-pepperbush, Mountain White-alderMoist forests, heath balds, streambanks, margins of rock outcrops at high elevations.Endemic to the Southern and Central Appalachians, C. acuminata ranges from sw. PA south through e. WV, w. VA, e. TN, w. NC to nw. SC, n. GA, and ne. AL.image of plant
ClethraceaeClethra alnifoliaCoastal Sweet-pepperbush, Coastal White-alderPocosins, blackwater swamp forests, nonriverine swamp forests.Primarily a southeastern Coastal Plain species, C. alnifolia ranges from NS and ME south to FL, west to TX; disjunct in sc. TN (Coffee County) (Chester, Wofford, & Kral 1997).image of plant
ClethraceaeClethra tomentosaDowny Sweet-pepperbush, Downy White-alderPocosins, swamps, streambanks.E. SC south to FL, and west to e. LA (east of the Mississippi River).image of plant

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