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FamilyScientific Name Common NameHabitatDistributionImage
FabaceaeClitoria mariana var. marianaButterfly Pea, She-peaDry woodlands and openings, roadsides.NY (Long Island), NJ west to s. OH, s. IL, MO, and OK, south to c. peninsular FL (Marion County), TX, and South America; disjunct in s. AZ.image of plant
FabaceaeClitoria ternateaBlue-pea, Conchitas, Zapatico de la ReinaDisturbed areas.Native of the Paleotropics. Weakly naturalized in s. GA (Isely 1998) and FL.image of plant
FabaceaeClitoria fragransScrub Butterfly-pea, Fragrant She-Pea, Sweet-scented PigeonwingsFlorida scrub, longleaf pine sandhills.Endemic to the c. FL peninsula.image of plant
FabaceaeClitoria mariana var. pubescentiaFlorida Butterfly Pea, Florida She-peaFlorida scrub, longleaf pine sandhills, dry pine flatwoods.Endemic to the nc. and s. FL peninsula. Apparently ranging as far north as Clay and Alachua counties.image of plant

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