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FamilyScientific Name Common NameHabitatDistributionImage
PoaceaeColeataenia abscissaCutthroat GrassMost frequent in pineland seepage slopes, moist flatwoods, and depressions, where often the dominant herbaceous plant; also occasionally in dry sandy sites. Most often associated with wet Pinus densa savannas and seepage slopes, where it is often the dominant ground-layer species.Endemic to central FL peninsula, also known from a few sites on the Atlantic Coastal Ridge.image of plant
PoaceaeColeataenia anceps ssp. ancepsBeaked Panic GrassMoist sandy woods, swamps, sloughs, roadsides, fields, waste places, often weedy.NY (Long Island), NJ west to IL, south to FL and TX.image of plant
PoaceaeColeataenia anceps ssp. rhizomataSmall Beaked Panic GrassMoist to dry sandy or loamy pinelands, maritime forests, ditches.E. MD south to s. FL, west to e. TX, on the Coastal Plain, and rarely inland.image of plant
PoaceaeColeataenia longifolia ssp. combsiiCombs's Panic GrassPond shores, depression meadows, cypress savannas, marshes, low woods.Scattered on the outer Coastal Plain from NS (LeBlond in Weakley et al. 2018a), se. MA, NJ, se. VA, se. NC, e. SC, e. GA, and FL, west to se. LA.image of plant
PoaceaeColeataenia longifolia ssp. longifoliaLong-leaved Panic GrassWet sandy or peaty soils of bogs, pine savannas, pond shores, depression meadows.NS, NH, MA, PA, and IN south to FL, west to TX.image of plant
PoaceaeColeataenia pulchraTall Flat Panic GrassMarshes, low woods, ditches, swamps, shores, meadows, beaver marshes.CT and NY west to IN, south to GA, LA, and ne. TX.image of plant
PoaceaeColeataenia rigidula ssp. condensaDense Panic GrassMarshes, meadows, low woods, ditches, stream and pond shores, freshwater tidal shores.Coastal Plain south from se. MA to FL, west to se. TX and AR; disjunct in the West Indies.image of plant
PoaceaeColeataenia rigidula ssp. rigidulaRedtop Panic GrassWet sandy or peaty soils low woods, meadows, marshes, shores, swamps, ditches, often weedy.ME and MI south to FL and TX; also in CA and BC; disjunct in Central America.image of plant
PoaceaeColeataenia teneraSoutheastern Panic GrassLimesink ponds, depression meadows, cypress savannas, wet pinelands and prairies, bogs.Coastal Plain from se. NC to FL, west to e. TX; West Indies; Mexico and Central America.image of plant

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