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FamilyScientific Name Common NameHabitatDistributionImage
LamiaceaeCollinsonia anisataSouthern Horsebalm, Anise HorsebalmRich forests.C. GA south and west to Panhandle FL and west to s. MS, on the Piedmont and Coastal Plain.image of plant
LamiaceaeCollinsonia canadensisRichweed, Northern HorsebalmCove forests, rich forests, especially over calcareous or mafic substrates.QC, MI, and WI, south to Panhandle FL and LA. Recently found on Crowleys Ridge in the AR Coastal Plain.image of plant
LamiaceaeCollinsonia punctataFlorida HorsebalmRich woods.S. SC (Barnwell County) to e. LA, on the Coastal Plain.image of plant
LamiaceaeCollinsonia tuberosaStonerootRich forests, over calcareous or mafic substrates.C. NC west to c. TN, south to n. GA, MS, and LA.image of plant
LamiaceaeCollinsonia verticillataWhorled HorsebalmRich forests, ranging from moist (cove) forests to rather dry oak forests over mafic or calcareous rocks.Sc. VA west to e. TN, south to w. NC, nw. SC, c. GA, and MS; disjunct in s. OH. The range is strangely scattered and fragmented.image of plant

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