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FamilyScientific Name Common NameHabitatDistributionImage
CommelinaceaeCommelina benghalensisTropical Spiderwort, Bengal DayflowerFields.Native of tropical s. Asia and becoming a serious weed. This annual, pantropical weed is well established in FL and s. GA (Faden 1993)image of plant
CommelinaceaeCommelina carolinianaIndian DayflowerMoist disturbed areas, fields.Native of India and Bangladesh.image of plant
CommelinaceaeCommelina communisCommon DayflowerGardens, bottomlands, disturbed ground, and a common invader of rocky glades.Native of the Old World.image of plant
CommelinaceaeCommelina diffusaCreeping DayflowerMudflats, alluvial margins, bottomlands, also fields and disturbed ground.VA west to MO, south to s. FL and s. TX, Mexico, Central America, South America, and the West Indies. Probably native in our area, but sometimes regarded as an Old World species. Encountered very early inland, so plausible as native or as an early introduction.image of plant
CommelinaceaeCommelina erecta var. angustifoliaSand DayflowerDunes and dry sand flats on barrier islands, longleaf pine sandhills, other dry sandy sites, shale barrens, other dry rocky sites.E. NC south to s. FL, west to TX, and north and west in the interior to IA, nw. NE, CO, and NM; also apparently in Central and South America.image of plant
CommelinaceaeCommelina erecta var. deamianaMidwestern DayflowerUsually in dry, sandy soils.IN, IL, and IA south to AR, TX, NM, and AZ.image of plant
CommelinaceaeCommelina erecta var. erectaErect DayflowerDry openings and woodlands, especially in thin soil around rock outcrops, streambanks, riverbanks, mesic forests.PA west to MO and e. KS, south to FL and TX; also apparently in Central and South America.image of plant
CommelinaceaeCommelina forskaoliiRat's-earDisturbed areas.Native of Old World tropics.
CommelinaceaeCommelina gambiaeDisturbed areas.A West African species first collected in North America in 1976 (Manatee County, FL), is immediately distinguishable from our species by its peach-colored flowers and fused spathes
CommelinaceaeCommelina gigasClimbing DayflowerMoist hammocks, lake edges, strand swamps, wet disturbed areas.Native of se. Asia.image of plant
CommelinaceaeCommelina virginicaVirginia DayflowerBottomlands, swamp forests, tidal swamp forests, other moist to wet forests and forest edges.NJ west to KS and OK, south to FL and TX.image of plant

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