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FamilyScientific Name Common NameHabitatDistributionImage
MalvaceaeCorchorus aestuansJuteRoadsides, other disturbed ground.Native of Asia. Reported for Thomas County, GA (Carter, Baker, & Morris 2009).image of plant
MalvaceaeCorchorus hirsutusWoolly Corchorus, Jackswitch, Cadillo, MalletDisturbed areas.Native of tropical America.image of plant
MalvaceaeCorchorus hirtusHairy Jute, Red Jute, Orinoco Jute, MoraliaDisturbed areas.Native of E. Indies.image of plant
MalvaceaeCorchorus siliquosusSlippery Bur, Smooth CorchorusRoadsides, disturbed rockland hammocks, other disturbed upland areas.Native of West Indies, Mexico, Central America and perhaps s. FL.

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