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FamilyScientific Name Common NameHabitatDistributionImage
CistaceaeCrocanthemum arenicolaGulf Coast SunroseLongleaf pine sandhills, dunes, Florida scrub.Panhandle FL west to s. MS.image of plant
CistaceaeCrocanthemum bicknelliiHoary Frostweed, Plains Frostweed, Plains Sunrose, Bicknell's Hoary RockroseWoodlands, glades, barrens, rock outcrops, grassy balds, serpentine grasslands, to at least 1500m in elevation.ME and s. ON west to MN and s. MB, south to ne. GA, e. TN, AR, KS, and CO.image of plant
CistaceaeCrocanthemum canadenseCanada Frostweed, Canada Sunrose, Canada RockroseFields, woodlands, forest edges, roadsides, disturbed areas.NS and ME west to MI and MN, south to e. GA, e. AL, e. TN, KY, and MO.image of plant
CistaceaeCrocanthemum carolinianumCarolina SunroseLongleaf pine sandhills, dry pine flatwoods, scrubby flatwoods, dry hammocks, fields.Ne. NC (Dare County) south to s. FL, west to AR and e. TX.image of plant
CistaceaeCrocanthemum corymbosumPinebarren SunroseOpenings in maritime forests, dry hammocks, pine rocklands, stable dune barrens.E. NC south to s. FL, east to s. MS.image of plant
CistaceaeCrocanthemum dumosumBushy FrostweedSandy and other dry barrens.MA south to NY (Long Island).image of plant
CistaceaeCrocanthemum georgianumGeorgia SunroseOpenings in maritime forests, stable dune barrens, sandy disturbed areas.E. NC south to n. FL, west to c. TX and AR.image of plant
CistaceaeCrocanthemum nashiiFlorida Scrub Sunrose, Nash's SunroseFlorida scrub, xeric longleaf pine sandhills.Nearly endemic to peninsular FL; disjunct in se. NC (Brunswick and New Hanover counties) and e. SC (Barnwell and Horry counties) (Bradley et al. [in prep.]).image of plant
CistaceaeCrocanthemum propinquumLow Frostweed, Creeping SunroseWoodlands, rock outcrops, sandy barrens and fields.Se. MA and se. NH south to w. NC and e. and c. TN.image of plant
CistaceaeCrocanthemum rosmarinifoliumRosemary SunroseLongleaf pine sandhills, sandy roadsides, fields.S. NC south to Panhandle FL, west to c. TX; West Indies.image of plant

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