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FamilyScientific Name Common NameHabitatDistributionImage
PlantaginaceaeDigitalis lanataGrecian Foxglove, Hairy FoxgloveNaturalized along roadsides and in disturbed areas.Native of Mediterranean Europe. Reported for South Carolina by Hill & Horn (1997).image of plant
PlantaginaceaeDigitalis purpureaDigitalis, Common Foxglove, Purple Foxglove, Lady’s-gloveDisturbed areas, bog margins.Native of Europe. Introduced and established at scattered locations in ne. North America, as far south as PA (Rhoads & Klein 1993).image of plant
PlantaginaceaeDigitalis luteaStraw FoxgloveDisturbed areas.Native of Europe. Naturalized south to MD (?), PA, and OH
PlantaginaceaeDigitalis grandifloraYellow FoxgloveDisturbed floodplain.Native of Eurasia. Reported for Alleghany County, NC (Poindexter, Weakley, & Denslow 2011).image of plant

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