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FamilyScientific Name Common NameHabitatDistributionImage
PoaceaeEchinochloa colonumJungle-riceFields, ditches, disturbed wet areas.Native of the Old World tropics.image of plant
PoaceaeEchinochloa crusgalli var. crusgalliBarnyard-grassDisturbed areas.Native of Eurasia.image of plant
PoaceaeEchinochloa cruspavonis var. cruspavonisDisturbed areas.
PoaceaeEchinochloa cruspavonis var. macera
PoaceaeEchinochloa esculentaJapanese MilletCultivated for grain, fodder, and birdseed, rarely persistent; of garden origin from E. crusgalli, and arguably better regarded as a cultivated form.image of plant
PoaceaeEchinochloa frumentaceaJapanese Millet, Billion-dollar Grass, White Panic, Siberian MilletDisturbed areas.Native of Asia.image of plant
PoaceaeEchinochloa muricata var. microstachyaRough Barnyard-grassAlluvial swamps, river shores and bars, depression ponds, interdune swales, low fields, beaver impoundments, manmade impoundments, other moist to wet disturbed habitats.NL west to BC, south to FL, TX, CA, Mexico, Central America, and South America.image of plant
PoaceaeEchinochloa muricata var. muricataRough Barnyard-grassInterdune wetlands, various other wet to damp habitats.Widespread in North America.image of plant
PoaceaeEchinochloa paludigenaFlorida Barnyard-grassSwamps, riverbanks, and wet disturbed habitats.Endemic to peninsular FL.
PoaceaeEchinochloa polystachya var. polystachyaAleman Grass, Creeping River GrassMarshes, wet disturbed areas.Sw. LA and TX south through Mexico to South America; West Indies; s. FL (where of uncertain nativity).
PoaceaeEchinochloa walteriSwamp Barnyard-grassMarshes of many kinds.MA south to FL, west to TX on the outer Coastal Plain; also inland from OH west to WI, south to w. WV, MO, and AR; Mexico to Central America; West Indies.image of plant

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