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FamilyScientific Name Common NameHabitatDistributionImage
HydrocharitaceaeElodea canadensisCommon WaterweedRivers, lakes, ponds, stagnant waters of streams.QC west to SK, south to NC, Panhandle FL, n. AR, OK, NM, and CA, the southern distribution perhaps only introduced.image of plant
HydrocharitaceaeElodea nuttalliiNuttall's Waterweed, Free-flowered WaterweedLakes, ponds, stagnant waters of streams.ME and QC west to MN and ID, south to NC, TN, OK, and NM.image of plant
HydrocharitaceaeElodea schweinitziiSchweinitz's WaterweedRivers.NY, n. NJ, and e. PA; perhaps extinct.

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