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FamilyScientific Name Common NameHabitatDistributionImage
PoaceaeEragrostis airoidesDarnel LovegrassNative of South America.
PoaceaeEragrostis amabilisJapanese Lovegrass, Feather LovegrassDisturbed areas.Native of Old World.image of plant
PoaceaeEragrostis atrovirensThalia LovegrassDisturbed areas, especially on open, sandy sites.Native of Africa.image of plant
PoaceaeEragrostis bahiensisBahia LovegrassDisturbed sandy areas.Native of tropical America. Reported for SC (Kartesz 1999) presumably based upon a single specimen at NCU (Duke 1980); sw. GA (Jones & Coile 1988, GW, Kartesz 1999). Otherwise primarily FL w. to LA.
PoaceaeEragrostis barrelieriMediterranean LovegrassDisturbed area, including (in SC) waste areas near wool-combing mills.Native of Mediterranean Europe. Also reported for e. TN (Chester et al. 1993).image of plant
PoaceaeEragrostis capillarisLace Lovegrass, LacegrassFields, roadsides, disturbed areas.ME and WI south to GA, FL Panhandle, and TX.image of plant
PoaceaeEragrostis cilianensisStinkgrassFields, disturbed areas.Native of Europe.image of plant
PoaceaeEragrostis ciliaris var. ciliarisSandy shores.Naturalized from s. SC south to s. FL, west to TX. Narive of the neotropics: West Indies; Central America to South America; Africa and Asia.
PoaceaeEragrostis ciliaris var. laxaDisturbed areas.Native of the Paleotropics.
PoaceaeEragrostis cumingiiFortyflower Lovegrass, Cuming's LovegrassDisturbed areas.Native of e. Asia, se. Asia, south to Australia. Reported for NC (Kartesz 1999) and sw. GA (Jones & Coile 1988, HC).image of plant
PoaceaeEragrostis curtipedicellataGummy LovegrassSandy woodlands, prairies.Native from KS and CO south to TX, NM, and Mexico (COA, NLE); eastern outliers in MO, AR, and LA are of questionable nativity.
PoaceaeEragrostis curvulaWeeping LovegrassRoadsides.Native of s. Africa. Very commonly planted as a roadbank stabilizer, E. curvula is fire resistant and shows some capability to spread into adjacent natural habitats.image of plant
PoaceaeEragrostis cylindrifloraOn port waste, a waif.Native of s. Africa.
PoaceaeEragrostis echinochloideaOn port waste, a waif.Native of s. Africa.
PoaceaeEragrostis elliottiiElliott's LovegrassUltisol wet pine savannas, maritime wet grasslands, inland edges of brackish marshes, inland edges of freshwater tidal marshes, calcareously-influenced wet pine savannas.NC south to s. FL, west to e. TX; West Indies; c. Mexico south to Belize.image of plant
PoaceaeEragrostis elongataLong LovegrassWaste areas near wool-combing mills or old sea-ports.Native of se. Asia and Australia.image of plant
PoaceaeEragrostis frankiiLacegrass, Sandbar LovegrassRocky river shores, sand bars, floodplains of rivers in clearings.MA and MN south to GA and AR.image of plant
PoaceaeEragrostis gangeticaSlimflower LovegrassDitches, roadsides, pond margins.Native of s. Asia.image of plant
PoaceaeEragrostis hirsutaBigtop LovegrassFields, roadsides, clearings, disturbed areas.MD south to FL, west to TX, north in the interior to TN, AR, and MO; Central America.image of plant
PoaceaeEragrostis hypnoidesCreeping Lovegrass, Teal LovegrassMarshes, shores, riverbanks, shores, impoundments.ME and QC west to SK, south to s. FL, TX, and CA; West Indies; south to South America.image of plant
PoaceaeEragrostis intermediaPlains LovegrassSandy woodlands, prairies, disturbed areas.MO, KS, NM, and AZ south to AR, TX, Mexico, and Central America. Reported for scattered locations as far east as NC and SC (Kartesz 1999), e. GA (Jones & Coile 1988), e. TN (Chester et al. 1993).image of plant
PoaceaeEragrostis japonicaPond LovegrassRiverbanks, other moist or wet sandy areas.SC and TN south to Central America, South America, and West Indies; Old World tropics. Probably introduced from the Old World. Reported for SC by HC, G, and Small (1933) and corroborated by recent collections (K. Bradley, pers.comm., 2020), sw. GA by Jones & Coile (1988), and for w. TN by Chester et al. (1993).image of plant
PoaceaeEragrostis lehmannianaLehmann's LovegrassDisturbed areas.Native of s. Africa.
PoaceaeEragrostis leptostachyaAustralian LovegrassGrown in experimental nursery.Native of Australia. Reported for NC (Kartesz 1999, 2010); rejected by FNA as a component of the North American flora.image of plant
PoaceaeEragrostis lugensMourning LovegrassMarshes, roadsides, low fields.Sw. and sc. United States south to Mexico; the native distribution is uncertain.
PoaceaeEragrostis mexicana ssp. mexicanaMexican LovegrassDisturbed areas, waste areas near wool-combing mills.Native of w. North America and Mexico. Reported to be naturalized as far east and north as SC, DE, and MD (Kartesz 1999).
PoaceaeEragrostis mexicana ssp. virescensDisturbed areas.Native of South America and w. North America. Reported as an introduction on ballast in MD and FL.
PoaceaeEragrostis minorLittle Lovegrass, Bluegrass LovegrassDisturbed areas, compacted soils of pastures and fields, other disturbed areas, as in cinders along railroads.Native of Europe.image of plant
PoaceaeEragrostis oxylepisRed LovegrassSandy roadsides, coastal dunes, and disturbed areas.NE and CO south to FL, TX, NM, and Mexico. Scattered eastwards and of uncertain nativity. First reported for SC by Nelson & Kelly (1997).image of plant
PoaceaeEragrostis palmeriRio Grande LovegrassS., sc., and w. TX, NM, and AZ south into Mexico.
PoaceaeEragrostis pectinacea var. miserrimaDisturbed habitats.From FL and westward and southward.
PoaceaeEragrostis pectinacea var. pectinaceaCarolina LovegrassFields, roadsides, disturbed areas.ME and WA south to Central America; West Indies.image of plant
PoaceaeEragrostis pilosa var. pilosaIndia LovegrassFields, roadsides, disturbed areas.Native of tropical regions of the Old and New World.image of plant
PoaceaeEragrostis planaSouth African LovegrassWaste areas near wool-combing mills.Native of South Africa.image of plant
PoaceaeEragrostis polytrichaHairysheath LovegrassPinelands.From Alachua County, FL south to c. FL; s. Mexico, Central America, South America.
PoaceaeEragrostis proliferaDominican LovegrassRoad shoulders, other dry, disturbed areas.Native of tropical America.
PoaceaeEragrostis refractaCoastal LovegrassPinelands, pine savannas, woodlands, bogs and seeps, marshes, maritime grasslands.DE south to s. FL, west to TX.image of plant
PoaceaeEragrostis reptansCreeping LovegrassShores and wet flats along rivers, streams, and reservoirs.WV, IL, IA, and SD south to sw. GA, Panhandle FL, AL, MS, LA, TX and n. Mexico.image of plant
PoaceaeEragrostis scaligeraTender LovegrassCoastal scrubs, vacant lots, other disturbed areas.Native of Brazil. Primariliy occurring in s. FL in our area; the collection from Camden County, GA (Carter 12804) needs confirmation.image of plant
PoaceaeEragrostis sessilispicaTumble LovegrassSandy prairies and oak woodlands.Sw. KS south through OK and e. NM to s. TX and Mexico (CHH, TAM, VER).
PoaceaeEragrostis setifoliaNeverfailWaste areas near wool-combing mills.Native of Australia.image of plant
PoaceaeEragrostis silveanaSilveus's LovegrassSandy prairies, disturbed areas.Se. TX and adjacent Mexico (COA, NLE, OAX, QRO, SLP, TAM).
PoaceaeEragrostis spectabilisPurple Lovegrass, TumblegrassLongleaf pine sandhills, pine flatwoods, other dry woodlands, sandy fields, roadsides.ME west to ND, south to s. FL, TX, and n. Mexico.image of plant
PoaceaeEragrostis spicataSpiked LovegrassPrairies, post oak woodlands, mesquital.E. and s. TX to Mexico (BCN, BCS, SON, TAM); Paraguay and Argentina.
PoaceaeEragrostis superbaWilmann's LovegrassDisturbed areas.Native of Africa.
PoaceaeEragrostis swalleniiSwallen's LovegrassSandy prairies.S. TX south into Mexico (CHIH, COAH, DGO, GTO, GRO, JAL, MEX, MIC, OAX, PUE, QRO, SLP, TAMS, VER).
PoaceaeEragrostis tefTeffWaste areas near wool-combing mills, other disturbed areas.Native of Africa.image of plant
PoaceaeEragrostis tracyiSanibel Island LovegrassBeaches, disturbed sandy areas.Endemic to sw. peninsular FL (Pinellas County south to Collier County).
PoaceaeEragrostis trichodesSand LovegrassSandy prairies, disturbed areas.IL, MN, SD, and se. WY south to MS, LA, TX, NM, AZ, and Mexico.image of plant
PoaceaeEragrostis trichophoraHairyflower LovegrassWaif on ore piles.Native of Africa.
PoaceaeEragrostis unioloidesChinese LovegrassCypress swamps, wet pine flatwoods, other wet disturbed areas.Native of Asia. Reported for s. GA (Jones & Coile 1988, FNA, GW, HC).image of plant

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