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FamilyScientific Name Common NameHabitatDistributionImage
GeraniaceaeErodium ciconiumLong-beaked Stork's-BillOn ballast at old seaports.
GeraniaceaeErodium cicutariumHeron's-Bill, Common Stork's-Bill, Redstem Filaree, Alfileria, Alfilerillo, Pin-cloverDisturbed areas, fields, lawns.Native of Europe.image of plant
GeraniaceaeErodium malacoides
GeraniaceaeErodium moschatum var. moschatumWhitestem FilareeDisturbed areas, waste area near wool-combing mill.Native of Mediterranean Europe. Naturalized south to DE and PA; also in SC Coastal Plain.image of plant
GeraniaceaeErodium texanumTexas Stork's-billPrairies, other dry or rocky areas; eastwards in disturbed areas, as in waste areas near wool-combing mill (probably merely a waif).Native of sc. and sw. United States, south to n. Mexico.image of plant

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