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FamilyScientific Name Common NameHabitatDistributionImage
ConvolvulaceaeEvolvulus alsinoidesSlender Dwarf Morning-gloryCoastal hammocks, coastal rock barrens, disturbed areas in shelly coastal areas.S. FL, s. AL (Dauphin Island), TX, NM, and AZ south into the Neotropics; West Indies; also widely and early introduced throughout the Paleotropics (Austin 2008).image of plant
ConvolvulaceaeEvolvulus convolvuloidesBindweed Dwarf Morning-gloryBeaches, coastal berms, mangrove edges, rock barrens, gaps in rockland hammocks, riverbanks (in LA).S. peninsular FL and LA; West Indies; s. Mexico, Central America, and South America.image of plant
ConvolvulaceaeEvolvulus discolor
ConvolvulaceaeEvolvulus filipesOn ballast (ore piles), not naturalized.Native of the Neotropics. Reported from ballast in MD (Reed 1964).image of plant
ConvolvulaceaeEvolvulus glomeratus ssp. grandiflorusBlue DazeDisturbed areas, commonly cultivated in peninsular Florida and possibly weakly naturalizing.Native of South America.
ConvolvulaceaeEvolvulus grisebachiiGrisebach’s Dwarf Morning-gloryPine rocklands.S. peninsular FL (Big Pine Key, Monroe County); Cuba.image of plant
ConvolvulaceaeEvolvulus macilentusThin Dwarf Morning-gloryPine rocklands.S. peninsular FL (Big Pine Key, Monroe County, and Miami-Dade County); Bahamas.
ConvolvulaceaeEvolvulus nuttallianusShaggy Dwarf Morning-gloryCalcareous glades and barrens, westwards in rocky or gravelly calcareous outcrops.MO, NE, SD, w. ND, MT and UT south to AR, c. TX, NM, AZ, and Mexico; disjunct in c. TN (Chester, Wofford, & Kral 1997).image of plant
ConvolvulaceaeEvolvulus sericeus var. averyiAvery's Dwarf Morning-glory, Silver Dwarf Morning-gloryPine rocklands.S. peninsular FL (Monroe and Miami-Dade counties).image of plant
ConvolvulaceaeEvolvulus sericeus var. cymosusLongleaf pine sandhills, other dry sandy habitats.
ConvolvulaceaeEvolvulus sericeus var. sericeusSilky Dwarf Morning-glory, Silver Dwarf Morning-gloryWet flatwoods, seepages, bogs, Altamaha Grit outcrops, westwards and southwards in dry sandy or limestone habitats.Coastal Plain of ec. GA (Appling, Jeff Davis, and Coffee counties) (Bridges & Orzell 1989; Patrick, Allison, & Krakow 1995) south to s. FL; AR and LA west to AZ, south into Mexico and the Neotropics; West Indies.image of plant

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