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FamilyScientific Name Common NameHabitatDistributionImage
RhamnaceaeFrangula alnusEuropean Alder-Buckthorn, Glossy BuckthornForested areas, other disturbed areas.Native of Europe. This species is a seriously invasive weed in ne. United States, south to (at least) NJ, s. PA (Rhoads & Klein 1993; Rhoads & Block 2007), KY, and se. TN (Marion County) (Chester, Wofford, & Kral 1997, Kral 1981), and w. NC (where recently found in a forested area along the Blue Ridge Parkway).image of plant
RhamnaceaeFrangula carolinianaCarolina Buckthorn, Indian-cherry, Yellow-wood, Polecat-treeDry to moist barrens, woodlands, and forests, Coastal Plain limestone bluffs and shell middens, especially over mafic or calcareous rocks.Sw. VA west to s. OH and s. MO, south to c. peninsular FL and TX.image of plant

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