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FamilyScientific Name Common NameHabitatDistributionImage
OleaceaeFraxinus albicansTexas AshLimestone slopes and bluffs.Sc. OK south to sc. TX.
OleaceaeFraxinus americanaWhite Ash, American AshMesic slopes, rich cove forests.NS west to MN, south to n. peninsular FL and TX.image of plant
OleaceaeFraxinus berlandieranaMexican Ash, Berlandier Ash, Rio Grande Ash, FresnoAlong streams.Native of sc. OK south to s. TX, has been reported as naturalized in s. MS and e. LA (Kartesz 2010), but these records may be merely based on cultivated individuals (Nesom 2010h).
OleaceaeFraxinus biltmoreanaBiltmore Ash, Biltmore White AshMesic slopes, rich cove forests, dry calcareous or mafic glades and woodlands (with Juniperus virginiana and Carya glabra), calcareous hammocks.NJ, OH, and IL south to n. peninsular FL, c. AL, c. MS, and LA.image of plant
OleaceaeFraxinus carolinianaWater Ash, Pop Ash, Carolina AshDeeply to shallowly flooded swamps, both alluvial and tidal.Se. MD south to n. FL, west to TX, primarily on the Coastal Plain.image of plant
OleaceaeFraxinus cubensisFlorida Water Ash, Cuban Water AshSloughs, ponds, other deeply flooded sites.N. peninsular FL (Marion and Citrus counties), south to s. FL; Cuba.
OleaceaeFraxinus excelsiorEuropean AshDisturbed areas.Native of Europe. Sparingly planted and naturalized in ne. US, south to KY and s. NJ.image of plant
OleaceaeFraxinus nigraBlack AshSeepage swamps and mountain streambanks, on calcareous or mafic substrates.NL (Newfoundland) and QC west to MB, south to DE, VA, IN, and IA.image of plant
OleaceaeFraxinus paucifloraSwamp White AshDeep swamps.S. GA south to n. peninsular FL.
OleaceaeFraxinus pennsylvanicaGreen Ash, Red AshBottomlands and swamps, especially along brownwater rivers and streams, rarely on mesic upland disturbed sites.NS west to AB, south to FL, TX, and CO.image of plant
OleaceaeFraxinus profundaPumpkin AshSwamps, especially along blackwater rivers and streams and in freshwater tidal wetlands (as along the James, Pamunkey, Mattaponi, and Rappahannock rivers in e. VA), also in brownwater bottomlands; common (rare in Piedmont and Mountains).S. NJ south to n. FL, west to LA, mostly on the Coastal Plain, north in the interior to w. NC, sc. TN, e. AR, se. MO, s. IL, IN, OH, sc. MI, ne. PA, and w. NY.image of plant
OleaceaeFraxinus quadrangulataBlue AshMesic to dry calcareous woodlands and forests.S. ON west to s. MI and e. KS, south to sw. VA, e. TN, nw. GA, n. AL, and OK.image of plant
OleaceaeFraxinus smalliiSmall’s White AshBottomland forests, alluvial woods, river bluffs, upland hardwood forests, oak-pine forests.PA, MI, IA, and KS south to Panhandle FL and e. TX.

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