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FamilyScientific Name Common NameHabitatDistributionImage
GentianaceaeGentianopsis crinitaEastern Fringed-gentianSunny or partially shaded seepage areas over calcareous, mafic, or ultramafic rocks (such as limestone, amphibolite, or serpentinized olivine).ME, s. ON, and ND south to NJ, n. DE, IN, and IA (mostly north of the glacial maximum) and from PA south to nw. NC and ne. GA in the unglaciated Appalachians.image of plant
GentianaceaeGentianopsis virgata ssp. virgataLesser Fringed-gentianCalcareous fens.NY, ON, MB, and SK south to nw. PA, s. OH, c. IN, c. IL, n. IA, e. SD, and w. SD.image of plant

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