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FamilyScientific Name Common NameHabitatDistributionImage
MalvaceaeHibiscus acetosellaAfrican Rose-mallow, Redleaf Hibiscus, Cranberry Hibiscus, False RosellePine flatwoods, disturbed areas.Native of Africa.
MalvaceaeHibiscus aculeatusSavanna Hibiscus, Comfort-rootWet to moist pine savannas, swamp forests, coastal marsh transitions, dry sandy or loamy soils of maritime forest edges.Se. NC south to sc. peninsular FL, west to LA and extreme e. TX.image of plant
MalvaceaeHibiscus bifurcatusRough Pink HibiscusHabitat unknown in FL, probably cultivated only.Native of West Indies, Central America, and South America.
MalvaceaeHibiscus cannabinusKenaf, Brown Indian-hempDisturbed areas.Native of the Paleotropics.
MalvaceaeHibiscus clypeatus ssp. clypeatusCongo MahoeRiparian woodlands.Se. TX, ne. and se. Mexico to Central America (Belize, Guatemala); West Indies.
MalvaceaeHibiscus coccineusScarlet HibiscusMarshes (including inland salt marshes), swamp forests, roadside swales, cultivated as an ornamental in yards, in much of our area presumably introduced from farther south, but sometimes appearing native.S. GA and s. AL south to s. FL, west to s. AL, and s. MS (a wider distribution is the result of naturalization from horticultural use). Reported from e. MD and Coastal Plain of DE (W. Longbottom, pers.comm. 2022).image of plant
MalvaceaeHibiscus dasycalyxNeches River HibiscusAlluvial marshes.Endemic to e. TX (Cherokee, Harrison, Houston, and Trinity counties).image of plant
MalvaceaeHibiscus furcellatusLindenleaf Rose-mallowFlorida scrub, scrubby flatwoods, mesic flatwoods, depression marshes, dry disturbed areas.Peninsular FL (east coast from Brevard County south to Broward County); West Indies; Mexico, Central America, and South America.
MalvaceaeHibiscus grandiflorusLarge-flowered Hibiscus, Swamp HibiscusTidal marshes, swamps, lakeshores, wet pine flatwoods and savannas.E. GA (Chatham Co., adjacent to the SC border) (Jones & Coile 1988) and historically apparently in se. SC (Mellichamp 1889) south to s. FL, west to e. LA; w. Cuba.image of plant
MalvaceaeHibiscus laevisSmooth Rose-mallow, Halberd-leaved Marsh-mallow, Showy HibiscusFreshwater marshes, exposed riverbanks, sandbars.S. PA south to FL Panhandle, west to TX; north in the interior to around the Great Lakes.image of plant
MalvaceaeHibiscus lasiocarposWestern Rose-mallowMarshes, swamps.KY, IN, IL, MO, KS, and NM south to Panhandle FL (?), AL, MS, LA, TX, and CHI (Villaseñor 2016).image of plant
MalvaceaeHibiscus leucophyllusCoastal prairies.W. LA west to se. TX.image of plant
MalvaceaeHibiscus martianusHeartleaf Hibiscus, Tulipán del Monte, Mountain RosemallowThornscrub and open woodlands.S. TX to w. TX, south to c. Mexico.image of plant
MalvaceaeHibiscus moscheutosEastern Rose-mallow, Mallow RoseMarshes, swamps, river sandbars.E. MA west to MI, south to c. peninsular FL and e. TX.image of plant
MalvaceaeHibiscus mutabilisDixie Rose-mallow; Confederate Rose-mallowDisturbed areas, persistent (at least) from horticultural use.Native of Asia.image of plant
MalvaceaeHibiscus poeppigiiPoeppig’s Hibiscus, CupiditoRockland hammocks, coastal rock barrens.S. FL (Miami-Dade and Monroe counties); West Indies; Mexico (CAM, CHP, ROO, SLP, TAM, VER, YUC), Central America (Guatemala).image of plant
MalvaceaeHibiscus radiatusMonarch HibiscusDisturbed areas.Native of Asia.
MalvaceaeHibiscus rosa-sinensisGarden Hibiscus, Garden Rose-mallow, Shoeblack-plantDisturbed areas; apparently of garden origin.
MalvaceaeHibiscus schizopetalusFringed Rose-mallow, Chinese-lanternDisturbed areas.Native of Africa.
MalvaceaeHibiscus striatus ssp. lambertianusStriped Rose-mallowMarshes, especially coastal.Se. and s. TX; s. Mexico (TAB), Central America, and South America; West Indies (Cuba, Jamaica).
MalvaceaeHibiscus syriacusRose-of-Sharon, Shrubby AlthaeaEscaped or persistent after cultivation, often spreading by rhizomes.Native of e. Asia.image of plant
MalvaceaeHibiscus trionumFlower-of-an-Hour, Venice Mallow, Bladder KetmiaFields, roadsides, railroad yards, disturbed areas.Native of Europe or Africa. Reported for Ware County, GA (Carter, Baker, & Morris 2009).image of plant

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