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FamilyScientific Name Common NameHabitatDistributionImage
AsteraceaeHieracium ×scribneri
AsteraceaeHieracium gronoviiBeaked Hawkweed, QueendevilLongleaf pine sandhills, dry forests and woodlands, woodland margins, roadsides.MA west to s. ON and KS, south to c. peninsular FL and TX.image of plant
AsteraceaeHieracium lachenaliiEuropean HawkweedDisturbed areas.Native of Europe.image of plant
AsteraceaeHieracium longipilumHairy HawkweedDry forests, woodlands.ON, OH, KY, and TN west to MN, NE, KS, OK, and TX.image of plant
AsteraceaeHieracium maculatumSpotted HawkweedDisturbed suburban areas.Native of Europe. Reported for Buncombe County, NC by Evan Raskin (2021).image of plant
AsteraceaeHieracium marianumMaryland HawkweedDry forests, woodland margins, roadsides.NH and ME west to OH, south to GA and AL.image of plant
AsteraceaeHieracium megacephalonBigheaded HawkweedDry sandy soils of pinelands and hammocks.S. GA south to s. FL. A specimen from Berkeley County, SC believed to be this is under investigation by Bradley et al. [in prep.]).image of plant
AsteraceaeHieracium murorumWall HawkweedRich, dry woodlands, roadside banks.Native of Europe.
AsteraceaeHieracium paniculatumLeafy HawkweedDry to mesic forests, especially along dirt roads.NS and QC west to MN, south to w. NC, n. GA, and OH.image of plant
AsteraceaeHieracium sabaudumSavoy HawkweedDisturbed areas.Native of Europe. Naturalized south to PA and Coastal Plain of NJ.image of plant
AsteraceaeHieracium scabrumRough HawkweedDry forests, woodland margins, roadsides.NS and QC west to MN, south to VA, n. GA, KY, and AR.image of plant
AsteraceaeHieracium trailliiShale-barren HawkweedShale barrens and dry shaley woodlands, other xeric woodlands.Sc. PA south to w. VA and e. WV.image of plant
AsteraceaeHieracium umbellatumNorthern HawkweedRocky areas, open or forested areas.Circumboreal, south in North America to PA, WV (Spruce Knob), IN, MO, CO, and OR.image of plant
AsteraceaeHieracium venosumVeiny Hawkweed, Rattlesnake WeedDry forests, woodland margins, roadsides.NY west to MI, south to GA, AL, and MS.image of plant

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