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FamilyScientific Name Common NameHabitatDistributionImage
CistaceaeHudsonia ericoidesNorthern Golden-Heather, Pine Barren HeatherSandy flats in longleaf pine sandhills (SC) or Coastal Plain pitch pine barrens (DE, NJ, NY).NL (Newfoundland) south to ME, NH, MD (Sipple 2002), and DE; disjunct in nc. SC. The disjunct occurrence in SC has every appearance of being native; it is discussed by Bozeman & Logue (1968). A second population was found in 2021.image of plant
CistaceaeHudsonia montanaMountain Golden-HeatherShallow sandy soils on ledges of quartzite or other felsic rocks in the Blue Ridge Escarpment, at various sites along the eastern side of Linville Gorge, Burke County, NC, and disjunct farther south in McDowell County, NC (Singecat Ridge).This species is endemic to w. NC; it is almost certainly a southern sibling of the more northern H. ericoidesimage of plant
CistaceaeHudsonia tomentosaWoolly Beach-HeatherDunes, sand flats, blowouts (in DE, NC, VA), high elevation quartzitic sandstone outcrops (in WV).NL (Labrador) west to MB and NT, south to WV (Panther Knob), WI, and MN, and south along the Atlantic Coast from ME to VA and ne. NC (where it reaches its southern limit in Dare County).image of plant

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