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FamilyScientific Name Common NameHabitatDistributionImage
HydrangeaceaeHydrangea arborescensSmooth Hydrangea, Northern Wild Hydrangea, SevenbarkForests, especially around rock outcrops and along streambanks.NJ, s. NY, OH, IN, IL, MO, and se. KS south to e. NC, c. SC, c. GA, Panhandle FL, s. AL, LA, and OK.image of plant
HydrangeaceaeHydrangea barbaraClimbing Hydrangea, Woodvamp, DecumarySwamp forests and bottomlands, moist forests in the mountains.Se. VA south to FL and west to LA, s. AR, and e. TX (Singhurst, Keith, & Holmes 2005), inland to nw. SC, se. TN, and w. TN.image of plant
HydrangeaceaeHydrangea cinereaAshy Hydrangea, Southern Wild HydrangeaRocky forests and rock outcrops, roadbanks, perhaps strictly or mostly associated with mafic or calcareous rocks.Sw. NC, c. IN, c. IL, and c. MO south to n. SC, sc. AL, and c. AR.image of plant
HydrangeaceaeHydrangea macrophyllaBigleaf Hydrangea, Mophead Hydrangea, HortensiaDisturbed areas, suburban woodlands.Native of Japan. Reported for AR (Serviss et al. 2017).
HydrangeaceaeHydrangea paniculataPanicle HydrangeaPersistent after cultivation at old home-sites, sometimes appearing naturalized.Native of e. Asia.image of plant
HydrangeaceaeHydrangea quercifoliaOakleaf HydrangeaNative in hammocks, moist forests, also in disturbed areas, thickets, or forests adjacent to urban or suburban areas.C. and sw. TN, south through w. GA, AL, and MS to Panhandle FL and e. LA; scattered elsewhere as a remnant or escape from cultivation. Boufford & Wood (1977) described a purportedly native occurrence in nw. SC, but it seems possible that this is an escape from cultivation (R. Clark, pers. comm.). This southeastern native is a spectacular garden plant, frequently planted, and sometimes persisting or possible escaping.image of plant
HydrangeaceaeHydrangea radiataSnowy Hydrangea, SilverleafRocky forests and rock outcrops, often common and conspicuous on roadbanks.A Southern Appalachian endemic: sw. NC (in the valley of the French Broad River and to its southwest), nw. SC, ne. GA, and se. TN, with outliers (perhaps escaped from cultivation?) in Stokes County, NC and Calhoun County, SCimage of plant