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FamilyScientific Name Common NameHabitatDistributionImage
AraliaceaeHydrocotyle americanaAmerican Water-pennywortBogs, marshes, seepages, cliffs and ledges where wet by seepage or spray from waterfalls, sometimes roadside ditches.Widespread in ne. North America, south to w. NC, SC, e. and c. TN, and IN, and n. AR.image of plant
AraliaceaeHydrocotyle bonariensisDune Pennywort, SombrerilloBeaches, dunes, and moist sandy areas.Widespread in Mexico, South and Central America, and north in North America to the Southeastern Coastal Plain, se. VA to s. FL and TX and s. AR.image of plant
AraliaceaeHydrocotyle bowlesioidesLawns.Native of Costa Rica and Panama (naturalized in South America, se. United States, and New Zealand). See Anderson (1983) for discussion of the species' occurrence in Thomasville, Thomas Co. GA. See Krings, Newton, & Liles (2017) for the first report for NC (Scotland County).image of plant
AraliaceaeHydrocotyle tribotrysWater-pennywortSwamp forests, pools.MA south to s. FL, west to sc. TX, south through Mexico to Central and South America; West Indies; disjunct in CA.image of plant
AraliaceaeHydrocotyle ranunculoidesSwamp Water-pennywortStagnant to (less commonly) swiftly flowing waters of swamps pools, backwaters, blackwater streams, sometimes forming floating mats.NY, IL, MO, and KS south to s. FL and se. TX; BC south to CA, AZ, Mexico, Central America, and South America.image of plant
AraliaceaeHydrocotyle sibthorpioidesLawn Water-pennywortLawns, pond margins, cracks between paving stones. Greatly increasing as a lawn and garden weed.Native of Asia and Africa.image of plant
AraliaceaeHydrocotyle umbellataMarsh Water-pennywortMoist areas, including maritime grasslands.NB; near the Great Lakes in w. NY, ne. OH, s. MI, n. IN, and ne. IL; MA to s. FL, west to sc. TX, south through Mexico to Central America and South America; CA south into Mexico; West Indies.image of plant
AraliaceaeHydrocotyle verticillataWhorled Water-pennywortSwamp forests, pools.Widespread in North, Central, and South America.image of plant

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