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FamilyScientific Name Common NameHabitatDistributionImage
HydrophyllaceaeHydrophyllum appendiculatumGreat Waterleaf, Biennial WaterleafRich mesic forests.S. ON and MN, south to sw. PA, a. and sc. WV, e. TN, n. AL (Jackson Co.), MO, and e. KS. It was attributed to NC by Small (1933) on unknown grounds.image of plant
HydrophyllaceaeHydrophyllum canadenseMapleleaf Waterleaf, Canada Waterleaf, Broadleaf WaterleafCove forests, rocky streambanks, other moist and nutrient-rich forests.VT and s. ON west to MI and WI, south to n. GA, AL, ne. AR (?), and MO.image of plant
HydrophyllaceaeHydrophyllum macrophyllumHairy WaterleafCove forests and other moist rocky forests, especially over calcareous or mafic rocks.WV west to OH, and IL, south to sw. VA, w. NC, n. GA, and n. AL; disjunct in the lower Piedmont of SC (Kershaw County; L.L. Gaddy, pers. comm. 2013).image of plant
HydrophyllaceaeHydrophyllum atranthumAppalachian WaterleafRich cove forests and other moist rocky forests, up to 5500 feet in elevation.N. WV south through w. and sw. VA and e. KY to w. NC and e. TN.image of plant
HydrophyllaceaeHydrophyllum virginianumEastern Waterleaf, Virginia WaterleafCove forests, moist rocky forests, alluvial forests.NH and QC west to ND, south to e. VA, c. NC, KY, s. IN, s. IL, nc. AR, and ne. OK.image of plant
HydrophyllaceaeHydrophyllum browneiBrowne's WaterleafRich and often rocky forests.Endemic to the Ozarks and Ouachitas of AR.

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