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FamilyScientific Name Common NameHabitatDistributionImage
AcanthaceaeHygrophila corymbosaStarhornDitches, disturbed wet areas.Native of Asia.
AcanthaceaeHygrophila difformisWater-wisteriaCanals, ponds.Native of se. Asia.
AcanthaceaeHygrophila lacustrisGulf SwampweedShallow water of swamps and shores.Sw. GA south to c. FL Peninsula, west to e. TX; West Indies.image of plant
AcanthaceaeHygrophila polyspermaEast Indian Swampweed, Hygro, Miramar-weed, East Indian HygrophilaLakes, rivers, canals; established in AL, FL, and SC (Hook & Nelson 2011), doubtfully established in VA.Native of the East Indies. Grown for the aquarium trade, and sporadically introduced to bodies of water, apparently well-established in FL (Les & Wunderlin 1981).image of plant
AcanthaceaeHygrophila species 1Swamps and marshes.Known from Escambia County, FL (Daniel 2013).

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