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FamilyScientific Name Common NameHabitatDistributionImage
IsoetaceaeIsoetes appalachianaAppalachian QuillwortSeepages, small woodland streams, ephemeral wetlands, backwaters.N. NJ and PA south to ne. FL, s. AL, and ne. MS. See McAvoy (2021) for its occurrence in DE.image of plant
IsoetaceaeIsoetes boomiiBoom's QuillwortShallow water of slow-moving streams.Known from Laurens County, GA, AL, and FL.image of plant
IsoetaceaeIsoetes butleriButler's QuillwortSeepage areas on calcareous glades, sometimes also in seepage on non-calcareous rocks.KY, IL, MO and e. KS south to e. TX and c. and nc. TX; disjunct eastwards in sc. KY, c. TN, n. GA and n. and c. AL.image of plant
IsoetaceaeIsoetes chapmaniiChapmanā€™s Florida QuillwortSprings, stream bottoms, river bottoms, ditches.FL Panhandle.
IsoetaceaeIsoetes echinosporaSpiny-spore QuillwortIn acid lakes, ponds, and rivers (submerged to emersed), tidal mud flats.Circumboreal, in North America from Greenland, NL (Labrador), and AK south to DE, n. OH, MI, WI, CO, and CA.image of plant
IsoetaceaeIsoetes engelmanniiUsually in permanent water bodies with active current.image of plant
IsoetaceaeIsoetes flaccidaWinged Florida QuillwortSprings, stream bottoms, strand swamps, river bottoms, ditches.S. GA and se. AL south to s. FL.image of plant
IsoetaceaeIsoetes georgianaGeorgia QuillwortStreams.Known only from GA (Colquitt, Dodge, Irwin, Tift, Turner, and Worth counties).image of plant
IsoetaceaeIsoetes graniticolaGranite flatrocks.Endemic to ec. AL and adjacent GA. A tetraploid species (2n=44).image of plant
IsoetaceaeIsoetes hyemalisWintergreen QuillwortBlackwater streams and sandy streambanks.E. VA (Accomack County; McAvoy 2021) and sc. VA south through e. and c. NC to GA, AL, and FL Panhandle (Nelson 2000), in the Coastal Plain and lower Piedmont.image of plant
IsoetaceaeIsoetes junciformisRush QuillwortEphemeral wetland swales in bottomland hardwood swamps.In sw. GA Coastal Plain (Tift and probably Calhoun counties, GA).image of plant
IsoetaceaeIsoetes lacustrisLake QuillwortSubmerged in lakes and permanent streams.Apparently extirpated from the historic locality in VA.image of plant
IsoetaceaeIsoetes louisianensisLouisiana QuillwortSmall streams, braided swamps, seepage areas.S. AL, MS, and LA. Reported for GA by Duncan & Kartesz (1981); this species is extremely unlikely in GA and is treated as rejected for that state.
IsoetaceaeIsoetes mattaponicaMattaponi River QuillwortTidal rivers.Apparently endemic to freshwater tidal marshes along rivers flowing into the Chesapeake Bay (such as the Chickahominy, Pamunkey, and Mappaponi).
IsoetaceaeIsoetes melanopoda ssp. melanopodaBlackfoot QuillwortFloodplains.S. IN, IL, and MO south to ne. LA; probably represented eastward to c. TN and s. MS (the available material ambiguous) (Brunton & Britton 2006).image of plant
IsoetaceaeIsoetes melanopoda ssp. silvaticaEastern Blackfoot QuillwortClay soils in low woods, seeps on sandstone or granitic rocks, in NJ in clay-based depressions on Cape May.VA south (in the Piedmont and Coastal Plain) to sw. GA, sc. AL, and s. MS; disjunct in s. NJ.image of plant
IsoetaceaeIsoetes melanosporaBlack-spored QuillwortIn pools on granite flatrocks.Endemic to GA. Material previously attributed here from Forty Acre Rock, SC, is a new species.image of plant
IsoetaceaeIsoetes microvelaBanks of rivers in the outer Coastal Plain.Endemic to e. NC.image of plant
IsoetaceaeIsoetes mississippiensisMississippi QuillwortSubmersed in sluggish Coastal Plain streams.Endemic to s. MS.image of plant
IsoetaceaeIsoetes piedmontanaPiedmont QuillwortIn seepage on or near granitic flatrocks, rarely on sandstone (Altamaha grit and Ridge and Valley).VA south and west to ec. and n. AL; material in c. TX has been placed here, but is likely to warrant description as a separate taxon.image of plant
IsoetaceaeIsoetes riparia var. reticulataReticulate Shore QuillwortTidal areas.DC to VA.
IsoetaceaeIsoetes riparia var. ripariaShore QuillwortShores.Isoetes riparia is extirpated from most of its historic localities.
IsoetaceaeIsoetes saccharataTidal waters, lakes.DE to VA.
IsoetaceaeIsoetes septentrionalisNorthern Shore QuillwortFreshwater ponds and shores.ME, QC, and ON south to n. NJ and se. and c. PA.image of plant
IsoetaceaeIsoetes species 1Pools on granite flatrocks.Forty Acre Rock, Lancaster County, SC.image of plant
IsoetaceaeIsoetes species 2Snow's QuillwortOn Altamaha grit sandstone.Coastal Plain of GA.image of plant
IsoetaceaeIsoetes tegetiformansMerlin's-grassIn shallow pools on granite flatrocks.Endemic to a few granite flatrocks in ec. GA (notably Heggies Rock), near the SC line.image of plant
IsoetaceaeIsoetes tennesseensisRocky river shoals.Endemic to Polk County, TN, near the North Carolina-Georgia state line, in the Hiwassee River.
IsoetaceaeIsoetes texanaTexas Quillwort, Tejas QuillwortAlkaline ponds in wet prairie interdune swales.Endemic to Coastal Plain of TX (Aransas and Calhoun counties).
IsoetaceaeIsoetes tuckermaniiTuckerman's QuillwortShores, freshwater tidal marshes.NS south to n. NJ (reports of this species further south are apparently in error).image of plant
IsoetaceaeIsoetes validaMountain Quillwort, Carolina QuillwortBogs (growing in Sphagnum), pools, ponds, and seeps.C. PA to s. AL. Reports from MS are false, based on I. mississippiensis.image of plant
IsoetaceaeIsoetes virginicaVirginia QuillwortIn woodland streams, intermittent streams, and diffuse streamhead wet forests.VA to SC.image of plant

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