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FamilyScientific Name Common NameHabitatDistributionImage
EuphorbiaceaeJatropha catharticaBerlandier's Nettle-Spurge, JicamillaSaline flats.S. TX, ne. Mexico (CHH, COA, NLE, SON, TAM).
EuphorbiaceaeJatropha curcasBarbados Nut, Nutmeg Plant, Physic Nut, Purging NutDisturbed areas.Native of Central America.
EuphorbiaceaeJatropha dioica var. dioicaLeatherstem, Sangre de Draco, Sangregado, Rubber PlantDry sandy areas, rocky limestone bluffs, scrub.S. TX and ne. Mexico.
EuphorbiaceaeJatropha gossypiifoliaBellyache Bush, Tatto BushDisturbed areas.Nativ of tropical America, now widely distributed in the New World and Old World tropics.
EuphorbiaceaeJatropha integerrimaPeregrinaDisturbed areas.Native of the West Indies.
EuphorbiaceaeJatropha multifidaCoralbush, French-physicDisturbed pine flatwoods, disturbed areas, escaped from cultivation.Native of the Neotropics.image of plant

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