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FamilyScientific Name Common NameHabitatDistributionImage
AsteraceaeKrigia biflora ssp. bifloraOrange Dwarf-dandelion, Twin-flowered CynthiaRich, moist forests.Var. biflora ranges from MA s. ON and MN south to GA, AL, MS, AR, and e. OK; the smaller var. viridis (Standley) Kim occurs in CO, AZ, and NM.image of plant
AsteraceaeKrigia cespitosaOpposite-leaf Dwarf-dandelionFields, roadsides, disturbed places.Se. VA and NE south to c. peninsular FL and TX.image of plant
AsteraceaeKrigia dandelionColonial Dwarf-dandelion, Potato-dandelionWoodlands, roadsides, wet prairies, low damp meadows, disturbed areas.NJ, IL, and KA, south to Panhandle FL and ne. TX.image of plant
AsteraceaeKrigia gracilisTexas CynthiaSeasonally moist clay loams.Nc. south to se. TX.
AsteraceaeKrigia montanaMountain Dwarf-dandelion, Mountain CynthiaCliffs and rock outcrops at medium to high elevations.A Southern Appalachian endemic: w. NC, e. TN, nw. SC, and ne. GA.image of plant
AsteraceaeKrigia occidentalisWestern CynthiaGlades and woodlands, dryish prairies on sandy or otherwise loose soils.MO and KS south to LA and TX; disjunct eastward in GA.image of plant
AsteraceaeKrigia virginicaVirginia Dwarf-dandelionRocky woodlands, roadsides, disturbed areas.ME west to MN, south to c. peninsular FL and c. TX.image of plant
AsteraceaeKrigia wrightiiWright’s Dwarf-dandelionPrairies, fields, pastures, open woodlands, disturbed areas.S. AR and se. OK south to w. LA and e. TX.

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