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FamilyScientific Name Common NameHabitatDistributionImage
LygodiaceaeLygodium japonicumJapanese Climbing FernDisturbed areas.Native of e. Asia. Described in Small (1913a) as "escaped from cultivation along roadsides near Thomasville, Georgia".image of plant
LygodiaceaeLygodium microphyllumOld World Climbing Fern, Small-leaf Climbing FernSwamps, hammocks, disturbed areas.Native of se. Asia. This plant is a noxious weed in the FL peninsula, where it is documented as far north as Pasco, Marion, Lake, and Volusia counties. Reported for Baldwin County, AL (H. Horne, pers. comm., 2023).image of plant
LygodiaceaeLygodium palmatumAmerican Climbing Fern, Hartford FernBogs, moist thickets, swamp forests, sandstone outcrops, roadside ditches and roadbanks, in strongly acid soils.NH, VT, NY, and MI south to SC, n. GA, and n. AL, widely scattered in its distribution except in the Cumberland Plateau of KY, TN, and AL, where it is most common.image of plant

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