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FamilyScientific Name Common NameHabitatDistributionImage
RuscaceaeMaianthemum canadenseCanada Mayflower, "False Lily-of-the-valley", Two-leaved Solomon's-SealMoist forests, especially at high elevations.NL (Labrador) and NL (Newfoundland) west to NT, south to MD, NC, n. GA (Jones & Coile 1988), KY and SD.image of plant
RuscaceaeMaianthemum racemosumEastern Solomon's-plume, May-Plume, Treacleberry, "False Solomon's-seal"Moist to dry forests.The species (as here circumscribed narrowly to exclude the western M. amplexicaule) ranges from NS west to MB, south to GA, FL Panhandle, OK, and ne. TX.image of plant
RuscaceaeMaianthemum stellatumStarry Solomon's-plume, StarflowerAlluvial forests, calcareous fens, seepage swamps.NL (Newfoundland) west to BC, south to NJ, w. VA, e. TN, IN, MO, CA, and n. Mexico (CHH, COA, NLE, SON).image of plant
RuscaceaeMaianthemum trifoliumThree-leaf Solomon's-plumeFens and bogs, swamp forests.NL west to YU, south to n. NJ, sw. PA, n. OH, MI, WI, MN, MB, SK, AB, and BC; also ne. Asia.image of plant

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