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FamilyScientific Name Common NameHabitatDistributionImage
ApocynaceaeMatelea alabamensisAlabama Milkvine, Alabama SpinypodOpen forests on river bluffs, mesic margins of sand ridges.Sw. and apparently se. GA, Panhandle FL, and s. AL.image of plant
ApocynaceaeMatelea baldwinianaWhite SpinypodDry to mesic bluffs over calcareous rocks.Panhandle FL and sw. GA west to MO, AR, OK, and TX (Singhurst & Holmes 2021). Verified for MS by John Kees (2022, pers.comm).image of plant
ApocynaceaeMatelea carolinensisCarolina SpinypodMoist to dry, nutrient-rich forests.DE, MD, KY, and s. MO south to GA and MS (and w. LA and e. TX?).image of plant
ApocynaceaeMatelea decipiensDeceptive SpinypodWoodlands and thickets, generally over calcareous substrates.S. IL, c. MO, and se. KS south to LA and e. TX. Previous reported distribution eastwards in VA south to nc. GA and ne. MS appears to represent variability within M. caroliniensis (Fishbein & McDonnell 2023).image of plant
ApocynaceaeMatelea edwardsensisPlateau MilkvineIn juniper-oak woodlands.Nc. and c. TX (Edwards Plateau and Lampasas Cutplain).image of plant
ApocynaceaeMatelea flavidulaYellow SpinypodMoist, nutrient-rich forests.E. SC south to Panhandle FL, apparently rare throughout its range (the single NC record is rejected).image of plant
ApocynaceaeMatelea floridanaFlorida MilkvineBeech-magnolia bluffs, mesic ravines, moist hammocks.Ne. FL, sw. GA, and c. Panhandle FL south to s. FL.image of plant
ApocynaceaeMatelea hirtellifloraHarbison's Milkvine, Hairy-faced MilkvineSandhills and other dry sands, especially on the Carizzo formation.Ne. TX and sw. AR (Theo Witsell, pers. comm., 2021) south to ec. TX.image of plant
ApocynaceaeMatelea maritimaBeach MilkvineDredge spoil island.S. FL (L. Duever, pers. comm., 2016); West Indies; South America.image of plant
ApocynaceaeMatelea obliquaNorthern Spinypod, Limerock MilkvineIn forests, woodlands, or thickets over calcareous rocks.PA west to OH, IN, and MO, south to w. NC, nw. GA (Jones & Coile 1988), nw. AL, and ne. MS.image of plant
ApocynaceaeMatelea radiataFalfurrias MilkvineThornscrub, in rocky and clayey soils on low hills or plains.Endemic in s. TX (Rio Grande Plains) (Brooks, Hidalgo, and Starr counties).
ApocynaceaeMatelea reticulataNetted Milkvine, Pearl MilkvineOpen woodlands, thornscrub.Nc. TX, e. TX, w. TX south through s. TX to s. Mexico (CHH, COA, DGO, NLE, OAX, SLP, SIN, SON, TAM).image of plant
ApocynaceaeMatelea sagittifoliaArrowleaf MilkvineGrasslands and open woodlands.S. TX, w. TX, ne. Mexico (NLE, TAM).
ApocynaceaeMatelea woodsoniiWoodson's Milkvine

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