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FamilyScientific Name Common NameHabitatDistributionImage
PoaceaeMuhlenbergia arenicolaSand MuhlyDry prairies.C. KS, c. OK, and c. (and rarely se.) TX west to AZ, south into Mexico (CHH, COA, NLE, SLP, SON, TAM, ZAC); also disjunct in nw. Argentina.
PoaceaeMuhlenbergia asperifoliaAlkali Muhly, ScratchgrassMoist calcareous soils, wetlands, lawns.Reported east and south to MD, PA, n. KY, and OH (Kartesz 1999, 2010, 2020), west to n. Mexico (BCN, CHH, COA, DGO, JAL, SLP, SON).image of plant
PoaceaeMuhlenbergia bushiiBush's Muhly, Nodding MuhlyWet oak flatwoods, bottomlands, and other (at least seasonally) moist forests, especially over calcareous substrates.IN west IA, south to NE and TX; apparently disjunct eastward in scattered localities, including VA.image of plant
PoaceaeMuhlenbergia capillarisHairgrass, Hair-awn MuhlyIn the Piedmont and Interior Low Plateau primarily in clayey or thin rocky soils (especially in areas which formerly burned and were prairie-like) and in open woodlands; in the Coastal Plain in pine savannas, sandhills, dry woodlands, and coastal grasslands (where sometimes in close proximity with M. sericea); in the Mountains around calcareous rock outcrops; sandy prairies westwards.MA, NY, s. OH, s. IN, s. IL, MO, and e. KS south to s. FL, LA, and c. and s. TX; montane Mexico.image of plant
PoaceaeMuhlenbergia cuspidataPlains MuhlyDolomite and limestone palisade cliffs, other dry rocky slopes.MI, MN, MB, SK, and AB, south to nw. AR, OK, and NM; scattered eastward as disjuncts in TN, KY, OH, IN, PA, and VA. The VA occurrences are on dolomite and limestone palisade cliffs along the Clinch, New, Roanoke, and Shenandoah rivers.image of plant
PoaceaeMuhlenbergia emersleyiBull MuhlyReported as introduced in NC (Kartesz 1999) from its native range in TX, NM, AZ, and Mexico, based on a specimen at the UNC Herbarium. However, the specimen makes clear that it was cultivated at a Soil Conservation Service test nursery; there is no evidence that the species is established in our areaimage of plant
PoaceaeMuhlenbergia expansaSavanna HairgrassPine savannas, pine flatwoods, mesic areas in sandhill-pocosin ecotones.Se. VA south to FL, west to e. TX (nearly exactly the range of Pinus palustris).image of plant
PoaceaeMuhlenbergia frondosaSmooth Wirestem Muhly, Satin GrassBarrens, prairies, floodplain forests, riverbanks, scour prairies, and moist disturbed areas.NC, ON, and ND south to e. NC, nw. SC, ne. GA, n. AL, n. MS, ne. LA, and ne. TX.image of plant
PoaceaeMuhlenbergia glabriflorisClay-pan Muhly, Smooth MuhlyBarrens, open oak flatwoods, other open habitats, in clayey soils.VA and NC west to IA, MO, AL, and TX, local and apparently rare in all of that range. In NC, only known from one collection, that from Durham County in 1936, with vague habitat data. Fernald (1950) described the habitat as "dry exsiccated or baked soils, prairies, gravels or rocky slopes," Pohl (1969) as "mostly on low ground, in shade on heavy clay soils."image of plant
PoaceaeMuhlenbergia glomerataSpiked MuhlyFens and seeps over mafic (amphibolite) or ultramafic (olivine) rocks, including in rocky sites that may appear dry but which receive at least seasonal seepage.NL (Newfoundland) west to YT and BC, south to w. NC, OH, IL, IA, NE, n. NM, NV, and OR.image of plant
PoaceaeMuhlenbergia lindheimeriLindheimer's MuhlyCreekbanks and moist area over limestone.C. TX south into ne. Mexico (CHH, COA, NLE).
PoaceaeMuhlenbergia mexicanaHairy Wirestem MuhlyMafic and calcareous fens, seeps, dry rocky woodlands, barrens, outcrops, and disturbed areas, usually over mafic or calcareous substrates.The epithet is something of a misnomer; the species is largely northern, occurring from NS, ON, MB, SK, and YT, south to NC, TN, AR, TX, NM, AZ, CA, and Mexico (CHH, DGO, NLE).image of plant
PoaceaeMuhlenbergia paniculataTumble GrassDry prairies, salt licks, roadsides.MB west to BC, south to w. LA, TX, NM, AZ, and (?) Mexico.image of plant
PoaceaeMuhlenbergia phleoidesCommon Wolf's-tailGrasslands and scrub.
PoaceaeMuhlenbergia porteriBush MuhlyRocky slopes.Ec. TX, CO, s. UT, and s. CA south into n. Mexico.
PoaceaeMuhlenbergia racemosaMarsh MuhlyBottomland forests, streambanks, mesic to dry-mesic forests.ON west to BC, south to IN, s. IL, s. MO, e. OK, TX, NM, AZ, and n. Mexico (COA, NLE, TAM).image of plant
PoaceaeMuhlenbergia repensCreeping MuhlyRocky slopes and gravelly flats.Sc. OK west to UT, south through TX, NM, and AZ to s. Mexico.
PoaceaeMuhlenbergia reverchoniiSeep Muhly, Reverchon's MuhlySeeps and seasonally moist areas over limestone.Sc. OK south to sc. TX.
PoaceaeMuhlenbergia schreberiNimble-WillBottomland and other moist forests, dry forests, fields, dirt roads, disturbed areas.ME, NY, ON, MI, WI, MN, and SD, south to c. peninsular FL, LA, c. TX, and Mexico.image of plant
PoaceaeMuhlenbergia sericeaDune Hairgrass, Sweet GrassMaritime dry grasslands, maritime wet grasslands, interdune swales, low dunes, sometimes edges of freshwater or brackish marshes, northwards in its distribution (in NC and SC) apparently limited to the barrier islands (sometimes in close proximity with M. capillaris), sometimes locally abundant.NC (slightly north of Oregon Inlet, Dare County, south of Nags Head) south to s. FL and west to s. TX, primarily on barrier islands (some portions of the distribution on the Gulf Coast may be by introduction only).image of plant
PoaceaeMuhlenbergia soboliferaRock MuhlyDry wooded limestone slopes, rock outcrops, and rocky calcareous woodlands and forests.ME, WI, and KS south to n. GA, n. AL, n. MS, and c. TX.image of plant
PoaceaeMuhlenbergia sylvaticaWoodland MuhlyBottomland and other moist forests, calcareous or mafic streambanks, prairies.ME and MN south to SC, ne. GA, AL, TX, and Mexico (VER).image of plant
PoaceaeMuhlenbergia tenuifloraSlender MuhlyMoist forests and disturbed areas, up to at least 1400 meters, especially in base-rich soils.NH, WI, and NE south to GA, AL, MS, and OK.image of plant
PoaceaeMuhlenbergia tenuifoliaSlimleaf MuhlyEast TX, w. to NM, s. through Mexico to n. South America.image of plant
PoaceaeMuhlenbergia torreyanaPinebarren SmokegrassIn the Coastal Plain in moist soils of depression meadows and clay-based Carolina bays, often under or near Taxodium ascendens, in the Interior Low Plateau and Cumberland Plateau in moist grassy oak savannas.NJ to GA in the Coastal Plain, and disjunct in KY (?)and TN; currently known to be extant only in NJ, NC, and TN. It was first discovered in NC in 1987.image of plant
PoaceaeMuhlenbergia unifloraBog MuhlyBogs, wet meadows.NL and ON south to s. NJ, MD, and se. PA (Rhoads & Block 2007).image of plant
PoaceaeMuhlenbergia utilisAparejo MuhlySeeps and wet areas over limestone.TX and CA south to s. Mexico (CHP) and Costa Rica.

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