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FamilyScientific Name Common NameHabitatDistributionImage
PteridaceaeMyriopteris alabamensisAlabama Lipfern, Smooth LipfernDry outcrops of limestone.VA, w. NC, s. MO, and OK south and west to n. GA, AL, peninsular FL (historically), TX, NM, se. AZ, and Mexico (south to OAX).image of plant
PteridaceaeMyriopteris rufaChestnut Lipfern, Eaton's LipfernDry outcrops of sedimentary or metamorphic rocks (including calcareous shales and siltstones).Sw. TX to s. AZ and south into Mexico, with scattered disjunct occurrences in c. OK, n. AR, e. WV, and c. and w. VA (to be expected elsewhere in our area); disjunct in Costa Rica.image of plant
PteridaceaeMyriopteris gracilisSlender LipfernDry outcrops of calcareous sedimentary rocks (dolostone), other rock outcrops.WI, MN, SD, MT, AB, and BC south to AR, TX, NM, AZ, s. CA, and n. Mexico (Chihuahua and Coahuila); disjunct eastward in KY, w. VA, and c. NC.image of plant
PteridaceaeMyriopteris lanosaHairy LipfernDry outcrops of felsic or intermediate-composition metamorphic, igneous, and sedimentary rocks.CT, NY, PA, s. OH (pers.comm. 2021), s. IL, MO, and KS south to FL, AL, MS, LA, and e. TX, and disjunct in WI and MN.image of plant
PteridaceaeMyriopteris microphyllaSouthern LipfernShell hammocks, limestone outcrops.Panhandle FL (Washington County) and ne. FL south to s. FL; West Indies; Mexico through Central America to n. South America.image of plant
PteridaceaeMyriopteris tomentosaWoolly LipfernDry outcrops of intermediate or calcareous metamorphic, igneous, or sedimentary rocks (including sandstone outcrops in the Coastal Plain of GA and SC).Primarily Appalachian, from n. VA and n. WV south to KY, GA, and AL, also at scattered localities from AR, OK, and KS south and west to NM, AZ, and Mexico (south to Veracruz).image of plant
PteridaceaeMyriopteris aemulaTexas Lipfern, Rival LipfernOn outcrops of calcareous rocks.E., c., and s. TX south to n. Mexico (also CHP).
PteridaceaeMyriopteris scabraRough LipfernRock crevices.Sc. OK, c. and s. TX, and NM south to c. Mexico.
PteridaceaeMyriopteris lindheimeriLindheimer's LipfernRock outcrops, mainly granite.Sw. OK, c. TX, NM, and AZ south to s. Mexico.image of plant

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