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FamilyScientific Name Common NameHabitatDistributionImage
HydrocharitaceaeNajas canadensisNorthern NaiadLakes, rivers, impoundments.ME and MN south to VA, OH, and IN; in the west ID, WA, and OR (at least); also in n. Europe.image of plant
HydrocharitaceaeNajas filifoliaNarrowleaf NaiadLakes.Sw. GA (Jones & Coile 1988) and s. AL to FL (Haynes in FNA 2000).
HydrocharitaceaeNajas flexilisNorthern NaiadLakes, rivers, impoundments.NL (Newfoundland) west to ON, south to CT, MI, and NE; also in the west from AB and SK south to OR and UT.
HydrocharitaceaeNajas gracillimaSlender Naiad, Bushy NaiadPonds, lakes, slow-moving streams.NS west to MN, south to NC, AL, and MO; disjunct in CA (where likely alien).image of plant
HydrocharitaceaeNajas guadalupensis var. floridanaLakes and streams.S. GA and s. AL south to FL.image of plant
HydrocharitaceaeNajas guadalupensis var. guadalupensisCommon Naiad, Southern NaiadLakes, rivers, impoundments.ME to AB and WA, south to s. FL, TX, and CA, and south through Mexico, Central America, South America; West Indies.image of plant
HydrocharitaceaeNajas guadalupensis var. olivaceaLakes, rivers.QC, ON, and MB south to NY, IN, IL, and IA.image of plant
HydrocharitaceaeNajas marinaHolly-leaf NaiadBrackish or calcareous waters.Scattered in ne. and nc. North America; FL; sw. United States, nw. United States (Freeman & Pfingsten 2021), Mexico, Central America, and South America; West Indies; Eurasia.image of plant
HydrocharitaceaeNajas minorSpinyleaf NaiadPonds, lakes, and reservoirs, particularly where eutrophic.Native of Eurasia. This species is apparently a rather recent introduction to North America, now widespread in e. North America.image of plant
HydrocharitaceaeNajas wrightianaWright’s NaiadBlackwater streams, sloughs, freshwater marshes.S. peninsular FL; West Indies (Cuba); Mexico and Central America (Guatemala, Belize, Honduras).image of plant

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