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FamilyScientific Name Common NameHabitatDistributionImage
RuscaceaeNolina atopocarpaFlorida BeargrassPine flatwoods and pine savannas.Endemic to Panhandle FL (Liberty, Franklin, and Wakulla counties) and peninsular FL.image of plant
RuscaceaeNolina brittonianaBritton’s BeargrassLongleaf pine sandhills and Florida scrub, especially "scrubby high pine".N. peninsular FL (Marion County) south to sc. FL (Highlands and DeSoto counties).image of plant
RuscaceaeNolina georgianaGeorgia Beargrass, Sandhill LilyLongleaf pine sandhills, sometimes locally common on slightly less xeric lower sandhill slopes, shallow soils near rock outcrops.Nc. SC south to sc. GA; this species was attributed to FL (Small 1933), but is not accepted for that state by more recent sources (Clewell 1985; Wunderlin & Hansen 2011; Hess in FNA 2002a).
RuscaceaeNolina lindheimerianaLindheimer's BeargrassLimestone outcrops.Mainly Edwards Plateau, c. TX, rarely eastwards.
RuscaceaeNolina texanaTexas Beargrass, SacahuistaRocky soils.S. OK and n. NM south to c. and s. TX and c. Mexico (CHH, COA, DGO, NLE, SLP, SON, ZAC).