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FamilyScientific Name Common NameHabitatDistributionImage
OnagraceaeOenothera albicaulisDry, sandy areas.ND and MT south to sc. OK, wc. TX, w. TX, NM, AZ, and n. Mexico (CHH, SON).
OnagraceaeOenothera argillicolaShale-barren Evening-primroseShale barrens and woodlands.Sc. PA south through MD to e. WV and w. VA (south to Montgomery County).image of plant
OnagraceaeOenothera biennisCommon Evening-primroseFields, pastures, roadsides, disturbed areas.Ranging widely in e. North America and Europe, and scattered in w. North America.image of plant
OnagraceaeOenothera calcicolaTexas GauraDry limestone and caliche soils.C. and w. TX south to Mexico (COA, DUR, NLE, QRO?, TAM).
OnagraceaeOenothera capillifolia ssp. berlandieriBerlandier's SundropsPrairies, sandy, rocky, or gravelly open areas, especially calcareous.KS and s. CO south to e. TX, s. TX, w. TX, and ne. Mexico (COA, NLE, TAM).image of plant
OnagraceaeOenothera capillifolia ssp. capillifoliaBerlandier's SundropsPrairies and oak savannas, in sandy and rocky areas, especially calcareous.OK and NM south through s. LA and s. TX to Mexico; disjunct eastward in MS and AL.image of plant
OnagraceaeOenothera cinerea ssp. cinereaWoolly GauraSandy flats and dunes.KS and se. CO south to c. TX, w. TX, and s. NM.
OnagraceaeOenothera cinerea ssp. parksiiParks's GauraRed sands.S. TX.
OnagraceaeOenothera clelandiiSand Evening-primroseSand prairies, riverbanks, dry, sandy disturbed areas.MI, WI, and MN south to KY and AR; scattered further east as introductions. Reported for SC (Kartesz 1999, 2021), but based on misidentification.image of plant
OnagraceaeOenothera cordataHeartleaf Evening-primroseSandy oak woodlands and savannas.Endemic in se. TX.
OnagraceaeOenothera curtifloraSmall-flowered Gaura, Velvety Gaura, Lizardtail GauraSandy fields, disturbed areas, and clearings.IN and IL west to WA, south to MS, and Mexico (PUE); apparently introduced eastward to MA, TN, GA, and SC (the exact eastern edge of the native distribution uncertain).image of plant
OnagraceaeOenothera curtissiiFlorida Evening-primroseLongleaf pine sandhills, sandy fields, other dry disturbed areas.Se. SC south to n. peninsular FL, west to s. AL.
OnagraceaeOenothera demareeiDemaree's Gaura, Ouachita GauraOpen meadows in sandy loam.AR west to e. OK and e. TX, centered in the Ouachita Mountains.
OnagraceaeOenothera drummondiiDrummond's Evening-primroseSandy ocean beaches, disturbed areas; eastwards perhaps only introduced or adventive from the western Gulf Coast.Se. NC south to s. FL, west to se. TX, and south to c. Mexico (BCS, HGO, QRO, SLP, SON, TAB, TAM, VER); occurrences eastwards (from FL, SC, and NC) are sometimes considered adventive, but in habitat are entirely plausible as native occurrences. All inland occurrences should be considered adventive. O. thalassaphila Brandegee is restricted to the southern tip of Baja California.
OnagraceaeOenothera elata ssp. hirsutissimaHooker's Evening PrimroseMoist sites in floodplains, fallow fields, and other disturbed areas.KS, CO, ID, and WA south to e. OK, e. TX, w. TX, NM, AZ, CA, and Mexico.
OnagraceaeOenothera falfurriaeRoyal Evening-primroseOpen, sandy sites.E. and s. TX.
OnagraceaeOenothera filiformisLarge-flowered Gaura, Biennial Gaura, Tall GauraGlades, prairies, woodlands, shell middens and calcareous hammocks, openings in bottomland forests, disturbed areas, especially over calcareous soils.MI, WI, MN, SD, and NE, south to AL, MS, LA, and s. TX.image of plant
OnagraceaeOenothera filipesThreadstalk GauraLongleaf pine sandhills, pine flatwoods, barrens, prairies, sandy fields, disturbed areas, and clearings.SC west to n. TN and s. IN, south to ne. FL and e. and w. LA.image of plant
OnagraceaeOenothera fruticosa var. 1Glandular SundropsCalcareous barrens and glades, post oak savannas and flatwoods, other dry to dry-mesic, rocky or sandy woodlands.S. SC west to MS and north to IL and OH.image of plant
OnagraceaeOenothera fruticosa var. fruticosaNarrowleaf SundropsPiedmont hardpan woodlands, mafic and ultramafic barrens and glades, dry oak-hickory woodlands, longleaf pine sandhills, dry roadsides.SC north to PA, mostly in the Piedmont.image of plant
OnagraceaeOenothera fruticosa var. goodmaniiOzark SundropsDry forests and woodlands, glades, rock outcrops.Ozark Plateau and Ouachita Mountains, and adjacent areas, of AK, OK, MO, and LA.image of plant
OnagraceaeOenothera fruticosa var. microcarpaSmall-fruited SundropsBoggy depressions.E. MD south to e. SC.
OnagraceaeOenothera fruticosa var. subglobosaFlatrock SundropsGranite flatrocks and domes.GA to e. AL.image of plant
OnagraceaeOenothera gauraBiennial Gaura, Northeastern GauraBarrens, glades, woodlands, roadsides, streambanks, fields, disturbed areas.MA and NY west to WI, se. MN, and IA, south to sw. NC, c. GA (Jones & Coile 1988), sc. TN, and c. IL. Reports from the Gulf and Southern Atlantic Coastal Plain appear to be based on misidentification of O. simulans and O. filiformis.image of plant
OnagraceaeOenothera glaucaGlaucous SundropsCliffs, rocky streambanks, moist forests over sedimentary rock.Cumberland Plateau and Ridge and Valley of KY, TN, and GA.
OnagraceaeOenothera glaucifoliaFalse GauraLimestone and dolomite glades, disturbed areas.MO, SD, and se. WY south to sw. AR, e. and c. TX, and NM.image of plant
OnagraceaeOenothera glaziovianaGarden Evening-primroseDisturbed areas.This species apparently arose as a garden hybrid, and has been widely cultivated and naturalized nearly worldwide.image of plant
OnagraceaeOenothera grandifloraLarge-flowered Evening-primroseWoodlands, river-banks, disturbed areas.Apparently native to Panhandle FL, AL, and MS; scattered elsewhere as a horticultural plant.image of plant
OnagraceaeOenothera grandisShowy Ragged Evening-primroseUpland prairies, roadsides, other disturbed (especially sandy) areas.IL, MO, and NE south to LA, TX, NM, and Mexico (DGO, MIC, TAM).image of plant
OnagraceaeOenothera hartwegii ssp. fendleriFendler's SundropsPrairies, calcareous grasslands.Sc. KS, n. NM, and n. AZ south to s. and w. TX and ne. Mexico (COA).
OnagraceaeOenothera hartwegii ssp. maccartiiMacCart's SundropsGrasslands over limestone.C. and s. TX south to ne. Mexico (COA, NLE, TAM).
OnagraceaeOenothera hartwegii ssp. pubescensHartweg's SundropsOpen sandy or calcareous areas.KS, NM, and AZ south through e. OK and c. and s. TX to Mexico (COA, DUR).
OnagraceaeOenothera heterophylla ssp. heterophyllaSandhill Evening-primroseSandy oak woodlands, also roadsides and other disturbed areas.Sw. AR and ne. TX south to sw. LA and e. TX.image of plant
OnagraceaeOenothera heterophylla ssp. orientalisAlabama Evening-primroseXeric fluvial sand ridges and barrens, other open, sandy areas.Endemic to w. AL (Pickens and Sumter counties), sw. AR, and MS (Tombigbee barrens, J. Kees, pers.comm. 2021).image of plant
OnagraceaeOenothera hispidaSweet Gaura, Scented Gaura, Drummond's GauraPrairies, disturbed areas.AR south to LA, TX, and Mexico (BCN, BCS, COA, DGO, GTO, HGO, MEX, MIC, NLE, OAX, QRO, SLP, TAM, ZAC); disjunct eastward in e. GA (Kartesz 1999), where apparently introduced.image of plant
OnagraceaeOenothera humifusaSeabeach Evening-primrose, Spreading Evening-primroseCoastal sand dunes, disturbed sandy areas and lawns on barrier islands.S. NJ south to s. FL, west to s. LA, along the coast.image of plant
OnagraceaeOenothera hybridaBlue Ridge SundropsMoist forests and woodlands, rocky streambanks, moist roadsides, at moderate to high elevations.Southern Blue Ridge Mountains of VA south through NC and TN to GA.image of plant
OnagraceaeOenothera jamesiiTrumpet Evening-primroseStream banks, other moist areas.Sc. KS, c. and w. OK, TX, and ne. Mexico (COA, NLE).
OnagraceaeOenothera kunthianaKunth's Evening-primroseAlluvial flats.S., c., and w. TX and se. AZ south to se. Mexico.
OnagraceaeOenothera laciniataCutleaf Evening-primroseDisturbed areas.ME west to ND, south to s. FL and TX; also in CA.image of plant
OnagraceaeOenothera lindheimeriLindheimer's BeeblossomCoastal prairies; eastwards on roadsides and in other disturbed areas.W. LA and TX; scattered eastwards (perhaps only as introductions) in e. LA (the Florida parishes), s. MS, s. AL, and Panhandle FL.image of plant
OnagraceaeOenothera linifoliaThreadleaf Sundrops, Flaxleaf SundropsBarrens, glades, dry openings, and fields.C. VA west to s. IL and se. KS, south to Panhandle FL and se. TX. Some of the occurrences east of the Mississippi River may be adventive. Belden et al. (2004) discuss the Virginia occurrence.image of plant
OnagraceaeOenothera macrocarpa ssp. macrocarpaMissouri Evening-primrose, Wingfruit Evening-primrose, Glade-lily, Missouri-primroseGlades on calcareous substrates, blackland prairies.IL west to WY, south to n. AR and c. TX; disjunct in c. TN.image of plant
OnagraceaeOenothera macrocarpa ssp. oklahomensisOklahoma SundropsIn rocky or clayey areas.S. KS through OK to nc. TX.image of plant
OnagraceaeOenothera mckelveyaeMcKelvey's Evening-primroseSandy areas.Se. and s. TX south into ne. Mexico (NLE, TAM).
OnagraceaeOenothera mexicanaMexican Evening-primroseOpen, sandy areas.E., se., and s. TX.
OnagraceaeOenothera nutansNodding Evening-primroseRoadsides, openings, forest edges, pastures.ME west to MI, south to n. FL, s. AL, and s. MO.image of plant
OnagraceaeOenothera nuttalliiNuttall's Evening-primroseDisturbed areas.ON west to AB, south to MN, KS, CO, and UT, and introduced eastwards in c. IL, MI, and WI.image of plant
OnagraceaeOenothera oakesianaOakes's Evening-primroseSandy dunes and sandplains, river-scours, disturbed areas, roadsides.NS west to MB, south to e. NC (?), VA, PA, n. IN, n. IL, and s. MN.image of plant
OnagraceaeOenothera pallida ssp. latifoliaPale Evening-primroseSandy or rocky areas.SD and MT south to sc. OK, NM, and UT.
OnagraceaeOenothera parvifloraSmall-flowered Evening-primrose, Northern Evening-primroseFields, disturbed areas.NS west to MB, south to NC, TN, KY, and MO. Reported for GA (GANHP).image of plant
OnagraceaeOenothera patriciaePlains GauraSandy open areas.OK south through w. LA, e. TX, and c. TX; historically eastwards in MS, perhaps only as a waif.
OnagraceaeOenothera perennisLittle SundropsBogs, sphagnous seeps, moist fields.NS west to MB, south to w. NC, nw. SC, KY, and MO.image of plant
OnagraceaeOenothera pilosellaMidwestern Evening-primroseFens, marshes, swamps, moist fields, disturbed areas.NH west to ON, south to s. VA, KY, n. AL, c. MS, and c. LA; widely cultivated, many occurrences eastward and southward likely represent introductions.image of plant
OnagraceaeOenothera rhombipetalaLongspike Evening-primrose, Sand Evening-primroseRiverbanks, prairies, disturbed areas.MI, WI, MN, and ND south to w. LA, TX, and se. NM.image of plant
OnagraceaeOenothera ripariaRiverbank Evening-primroseFreshwater tidal marshes and freshwater tidal swamp forests, non-tidal swamps, along channel margins, and especially on rises, stumps, fallen logs, and cypress knees.Se. VA south to se. NC and e. SC. Present in the freshwater tidal portions of the Waccamaw, Northeast Cape Fear, Black, Greater Pee Dee, Cape Fear, Scuppernong, and Alligator rivers. Gramling et al. (2018) discuss the species' occurrence along the Edisto River (Charleston and Colleton counties, SC).image of plant
OnagraceaeOenothera roseaRose Evening-primroseAlong creeks and rivers, disturbed areas.TX south to Mexico and Central America; West Indies.
OnagraceaeOenothera serrulataPlains SundropsRiverbanks, prairies.ON west to AB, south to w. KY (Jones 2005), w. AR, s. TX, s. NM, and s. AZ.image of plant
OnagraceaeOenothera sessilisPrairie SundropsMarshy areas.AR south to w. LA and se. TX.
OnagraceaeOenothera simulansSoutheastern Gaura, Southern Bee-blossomLongleaf pine sandhills, other open woodlands, sandy fields, roadsides, primarily in the outer Coastal Plain.E. NC (Dare County) south to s. FL, west to e. TX, endemic to the Coastal Plain.image of plant
OnagraceaeOenothera sinuosaWavyleaf GauraSandy fields, disturbed areas, and clearings.AR and OK south to s. TX and n. Mexico (BCN, TAM), introduced eastward to SC and FL.image of plant
OnagraceaeOenothera spachianaSpach's Evening-primrosePrairies, open woodlands, sandy areas.Sw. AR and OK south to w. LA and e. TX; disjunct eastwards in MS and AL.image of plant
OnagraceaeOenothera species 1Dunes, other dry sandy areas near the coast.Along the TX coast, south to TAM.
OnagraceaeOenothera species 2Sharp's SundropsOak savannas and prairies of the Eastern Highland Rim.Known from the Eastern Highland Rim of TN.
OnagraceaeOenothera speciosaShowy Evening-primrose, Pink-ladiesGrasslands, prairies, glades, roadsides and fields, also cultivated as an ornamental.The original distribution obscured by subsequent cultivation and spread, but apparently something like IA and NE south to LA, TX, NM, and Mexico (BCS, CHH, COA, DGO, MOR, NLE, SLP, SON, TAM, ZAC).image of plant
OnagraceaeOenothera suffrutescensScarlet GauraSandy or rocky prairies.ON and BC south to MO, OK, TX, NM, AZ, CA, and to se. Mexico.image of plant
OnagraceaeOenothera suffultaKissesPrairies, roadsides, disturbed areas.OK south to s. TX.
OnagraceaeOenothera tetragonaNorthern SundropsMoist to wet meadows, woodlands, stream margins, river-scours, rocky shoals.NL (Newfoundland) west to MI, south to e. VA and MO.image of plant
OnagraceaeOenothera tetrapteraFourwing Evening-primroseAlluvial flats, disturbed areas.E. and s. TX southwards into sc. Mexico.
OnagraceaeOenothera triangulataPrairie GauraSandy open areas.Sc. OK south to nc. TX.
OnagraceaeOenothera trilobaStemless Evening-primroseLimestone glades, blackbelt prairies, playas, floodplains; eastwards also in disturbed areas.MO and KS south through AR, OK, and e. NM to ne. LA, TX, and n. Mexico (BCN, CHH, COA, NLE, TAM); also scattered east of the Mississippi River in both native and apparently introduced populations.image of plant
OnagraceaeOenothera tubicula ssp. tubiculaTexas SundropsGrasslands over limestone.Nc. TX and NM south to sc. and w. TX and Mexico (CHH?, COA, NLE, TAM, and ZAC).
OnagraceaeOenothera unguiculataCoastal SundropsLongleaf pine sandhill seeps, moist to wet loamy savannas, wet maritime grasslands.Long Island, NY south to through the mid-Atlantic states to e. SC and e. GA.image of plant
OnagraceaeOenothera villosa ssp. villosaHairy Evening-primrosePrairies, eastwards naturalized in fields, roadsides, other disturbed areas.ON west to AB, south to AR and TX.image of plant

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