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FamilyScientific Name Common NameHabitatDistributionImage
AsteraceaePackera anonymaAppalachian Ragwort, Small's RagwortRock outcrops, roadsides, woodlands; hammocks, disturbed areas.S. PA, DE, and KY, south to Panhandle FL and c. MS. First reported for LA in Caddo Parsh by Kelley (2020).image of plant
AsteraceaePackera antennariifoliaShalebarren Groundsel, Shalebarren RagwortShale barrens and shale woodlands.Sc. PA and w. MD south to w. VA and e. WV.image of plant
AsteraceaePackera aureaGolden Groundsel, Golden Ragwort, Heartleaf RagwortMoist forests, bottomlands, bogs, stream banks.NL (Labrador) west to MN, south to NC, ne. SC, n. GA, n. AL, and c. AR; disjunct in Panhandle FL.image of plant
AsteraceaePackera crawfordiiCrawford's Groundsel, Crawford’s RagwortBogs, fens, calcareous longleaf pine savannas.NJ, PA, and n. IL south to e. NC, w. NC, and TN.image of plant
AsteraceaePackera glabellaButterweed, Smooth Ragwort, Smooth Groundsel, YellowtopSwamp forests, bottomland forests, cleared areas in bottomlands, wet agricultural fields, ditches, often in mucky soils.E. NC south to s. FL, west to e. TX, north in the interior to sw. WV, OH, MO, and SD.image of plant
AsteraceaePackera millefoliumBlue Ridge Groundsel, Yarrowleaf Groundsel, Blue Ridge Ragwort, Yarrowleaf RagwortGranitic domes, cliffs, and rocky woodlands, over granite, gneiss, schist, and amphibolite, and (in sw. VA) in calcareous glades and woodlands.Endemic to sw. NC, nw. SC, and ne. GA; disjunct in sw. VA (Lee Co.).image of plant
AsteraceaePackera obovataRoundleaf Groundsel, Roundleaf Ragwort, Running RagwortNutrient rich forests and woodlands (dry or moist), usually over calcareous or mafic rocks.VT west to KS, south to Panhandle FL and TX.image of plant
AsteraceaePackera paupercula var. appalachianaAppalachian Groundsel, Appalachian RagwortGlades, cliffs, barrens, over mafic, or calcareous rocks.E. WV and w. VA south to w. NC and e. TN.image of plant
AsteraceaePackera paupercula var. pauperculaNorthern Meadow Groundsel, Balsam RagwortThickets, meadows, glades, generally over circumneutral soils derived from calcareous or mafic rocks.NL (Labrador) west to AK, south to GA, Panhandle FL (Bay County), AL, and OR.image of plant
AsteraceaePackera schweinitzianaNew England Groundsel, New England RagwortGrassy balds (in deep soil), at high elevations, in our area generally over metagabbro or amphibolite.NS and QC south to n. NY; disjunct to a few locations in w. NC and e. TN, notably on grassy balds on Roan Mountain (Grassy Ridge, Round Bald, Big Yellow Mountain, etc.), Snake Mountain, Rich Mountain, and Big Bald.image of plant
AsteraceaePackera dubiaWoolly Groundsel, Woolly Ragwort, Woolly GoldenwortSandy roadsides, sandy woodlands and forests, granitic flatrocks, granitic domes.S. NJ south to GA, west to TX, primarily on the Coastal Plain, but extending inland in the Piedmont and Mountains in thin sandy soils around rock outcrops, and as a roadside weed.image of plant
AsteraceaePackera paupercula var. pseudotomentosaOzark Groundsel, Ozark RagwortDry bluffy woods over limestone, limestone cliffs and talus slopes.Midwestern.image of plant
AsteraceaePackera tampicanaGreat Plains Groundsel, Great Plains RagwortLow prairies, roadsides.Sw. AR and se. KS south and east to e. LA (Florida parishes) or s. MS (Cronquist 1980), and south to TX and Mexico (CHH, COA, HID, NLE, PUE, ROO, SLP, TAM, VER).image of plant
AsteraceaePackera plattensisPrairie Groundsel, Prairie RagwortThin calcareous soils.N. OH, n. IN, IL, WI, MN, ON, MB, SK, and BC south to w. LA, TX, and NM.image of plant
AsteraceaePackera pseudaurea var. semicordataWestern Golden Groundsel, Western Golden RagwortBottomland prairies, bottomland forests, ravines.ON and MB south to s. IN, IL, s. MO, se. KS, and w. NE.image of plant
AsteraceaePackera serpenticolaRattlesnake Groundsel, Buck Creek Groundsel, Buck Creek RagwortSerpentine barrens.Endemic to the Buck Creek Serpentine Barren, Clay County, NC.image of plant
AsteraceaePackera ×memmingeriMemminger's RagwortGranite domes, usually with both its parents in the vicinity -- P. anonyma × millefolium.Sw. NC and nw. SC.

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