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FamilyScientific Name Common NameHabitatDistributionImage
PlantaginaceaePenstemon australisSouthern Beardtongue, Sandhill BeardtongueLongleaf pine sandhills, pine flatwoods, dry hammocks, dry sandy roadsides, woodland margins.Se. VA south to c. peninsular FL, west to s. and wc. AL, primarily on the Coastal Plain, but not uncommon westward into the Piedmont and lower Mountains, and extending in the interior into c. TN.image of plant
PlantaginaceaePenstemon calycosusLong-sepal BeardtongueLimestone ledges, other woodlands.OH, s. MI, IL, and se. MO (Freeman & Morse 2019) south to w. VA, GA, and AL.image of plant
PlantaginaceaePenstemon canescensAppalachian BeardtongueWoodlands, glades, forest edges, rocky woodlands, roadsides.PA and s. IN south to nc. GA, n. AL, and c. TN.image of plant
PlantaginaceaePenstemon digitalisTall White Beardtongue, Smooth BeardtongueAlluvial forests, moist fields, disturbed areas, ditches.NS and ME west to MN and SD, south to e. VA, w. SC, AL, and TX. The original distribution is somewhat uncertain.image of plant
PlantaginaceaePenstemon dissectusGeorgia Beardtongue, Grit BeardtongueAltamaha Grit outcrops, sandhills.Endemic to Altamaha Grit outcrops and other sandy areas from e. GA south and west to sw. GAimage of plant
PlantaginaceaePenstemon hirsutusNortheastern BeardtongueDry woodlands, forests, and fields.QC and ME west to MI and WI, south to n. VA and KY.image of plant
PlantaginaceaePenstemon laevigatusEastern Smooth BeardtongueLow meadows, bottomlands, forest edges, hammocks.ME west to MI, south to s. GA, Panhandle FL, MS, and AR.image of plant
PlantaginaceaePenstemon laxiflorusNodding BeardtongueDry sandy areas in woodlands and openings.C. GA, FL Panhandle, and n. AL west to c. OK and c. TX.image of plant
PlantaginaceaePenstemon multiflorusLongleaf pine sandhills, dry pine flatwoods, pine rocklands.S. and e. GA and s. AL south to s. FL.image of plant
PlantaginaceaePenstemon pallidusEastern White BeardtongueLimestone and shale barrens, other dry, disturbed areas.ME west to MN, south to NC, GA, and AR.image of plant
PlantaginaceaePenstemon smalliiBlue Ridge BeardtongueWoodlands, cliffs, glades, roadbanks.A Southern Appalachian endemic, distributed from nw. NC and ne. TN south to nw. SC, n. GA, and n. AL.image of plant
PlantaginaceaePenstemon alluviorumLowland BeardtongueBottomland forests and fields.S. OH, s. IN, s. IL, and e. MO south to TN, AL, MS, and ne. AR.image of plant
PlantaginaceaePenstemon tenuiflorusPlateau Beardtongue, Limestone Beardtongue, Kentucky BeardtongueDry woodlands, glades, prairies, barrens, cliffs, especially over limestone or other calcareous rocks.Endemic to the Interior Low Plateau of wc. KY, c. TN, n. AL, extending slightly into the Coastal Plain to the west, and disjunct in the Black Belt of AL and MS.image of plant
PlantaginaceaePenstemon tubaeflorusTrumpet BeardtonguePrairies, glades, forest openings, fens, disturbed areas.Sw. OH, IN, WI, IA, and NE south to w. KY, w. TN, MS, LA, and e. TX; also known from adventive sites farther east, as in e. PA (Rhoads & Klein 1993).image of plant
PlantaginaceaePenstemon kraliiKral’s BeardtongueDry, calcareous juniper-oak-hickory woodlands.Endemic to the sw. Cumberland Escarpment of ne. AL and se. Tennessee (Blount, Madison, Morgan, and Jackson counties, AL, and Franklin County, TN.
PlantaginaceaePenstemon tenuisGulf Coast BeardtongueBottomlands.MS and AR south to LA and e. TX.image of plant
PlantaginaceaePenstemon deamiiDeam’s BeardtongueWoodland edges.Endemic to s. IN (and s. IL?), just across the Ohio River from KY.image of plant
PlantaginaceaePenstemon brevisepalusShort-sepaled BeardtongueDry, rocky woodlands and woodland edges.Endemic to the sedimentary rock provinces of WV, sw. VA, KY, and TN.image of plant
PlantaginaceaePenstemon albidusWhite BeardtonguePrairies.ON to AB south to KS, OK, TX, and NM.
PlantaginaceaePenstemon arkansanusArkansas BeardtongueGlades, woodlands.S. IL, s. MO, and n. OK south to s. AR and s. OK.image of plant
PlantaginaceaePenstemon cobaea var. cobaeaShowy Beardtongue, Large Beardtongue, Cobaea PenstemonLimestone prairies and woodlands, sandy woodlands.IA and NE south to AR and TX.image of plant
PlantaginaceaePenstemon grandiflorusLarge BeardtonguePrairies.MI, MN, ND, and MT south to nc. TX and NM.
PlantaginaceaePenstemon murrayanusScarlet Beardtongue, Cupleaf BeardtongueLongleaf pine woodlands, other dry woodlands and openings.S. AR and se. OK south to c. LA and e. TX.image of plant
PlantaginaceaePenstemon oklahomensisOklahoma BeardtongueTallgrass prairies.Endemic to OK and n. TX (Lamar County).
PlantaginaceaePenstemon fendleriFendler's PenstemonRocky or sandy areas.W. OK, sw. KS, s. CO south through nc. TX, NM, and AZ to Mexico (CHH, COA).
PlantaginaceaePenstemon guadalupensisGuadalupe PenstemonPrairies.Endemic to TX.
PlantaginaceaePenstemon cobaea var. purpureusOzark Cobaea BeardtongueLimestone and dolomite glades, calcareous prairies.Endemic to the Ozarks and AR-OK Coastal Plain.
PlantaginaceaePenstemon buckleyiBuckley's BeardtongueSandy prairies, inland sand dunes.NE and e. CO south to c. TX and e. NM.

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